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Senior citizens: register for the heatwave plan!

Against a backdrop that is marked by the ongoing health crisis, the City of Geneva has launched its 7th heatwave plan intended for senior citizens over the age of 75. There are currently 13,164 people within the municipality who fall into this category and who are not monitored by the institution genevoise de maintien à domicile (imad). These people, who have been contacted personally by letter, are invited to register using the freephone number 0800 22 55 11 in order to benefit from accompaniment by the Social Service during periods of excessively hot weather.

This spring, a number of senior citizens saw their social life and sometimes their health affected by the covid-19 pandemic. With the start of summer, the higher temperatures generate the risk of a heatwave. These high temperatures also represent a risk for the health and well-being of senior citizens. During heat waves, you are advised to take on liquids on a very regular basis. Furthermore, in the current context, health precautions such as social distancing and regular hand-washing remain in effect.

Free telephone number and e-mail address

13,000 letters have been sent to senior citizens over the age of 75 living in the city accompanied with a reminder of the health recommendations. They are invited to call the freephone number on 0800 22 55 11 to register for the heatwave plan in order to benefit from accompaniment by the Social Service in the event of very high temperatures. If they have any questions or require additional information, they can also use the e-mail address @email.

When the heatwave plan is triggered, the staff of the Social Service contact those registered on a daily basis to check on their health and well-being. This plan is founded on essential cooperation with the Canton, the real estate management unit, the municipal and cantonal police forces, the SIG and PharmaGenève. Finally, the staff of the imad visit the homes of senior citizens displaying symptoms of people suffering from excessively hot weather.

This preventive action is designed to limit the complications suffered by senior citizens. Senior citizens who are particularly vulnerable or homeless and are living at the Frank-Thomas shelter or the Caserne des Vernets also benefit from accompaniment in the event of a heatwave.



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