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“Les Sentiers extra-ordinaires” – a thrilling digital fiction inside the cultural institutions of the City of Geneva!

On Tuesday 5 May, the Department of Culture and Sport launched a nine-part digital series based on an original idea: the collections are brought to life through the fiction and thanks to the voices of members of the civil society. Calling on a wide range of sensitivities, “les Sentiers extra-ordinaires” shows that heritage is a matter for everyone.

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Discovering the secrets of Mont Blanc

Vue du Mont-Blanc

As night falls, two people find themselves locked in the Museum of Science History. They have never met before. And yet, they have something in common! Their particular interest in Mont Blanc whisks us off to a world full of discoveries and experiences…

The is the premise for this fictional story presented in 9 episodes and based on historical documents and research. In this fictionalised account, the treasures of the collection are imbued with an evocative power and become heroes making the story all the richer. They stimulate the reader’s imagination in the centuries-old tradition of handing on knowledge through stories and tales.
Enhanced with podcasts, each episode gives different members of the civil society the chance to speak – an artist, a doctor, a crystal maker, a glaciologist, a wildlife warden to name but a few – who highlight the link between the objects presented and their own experience or passion. These audio testimonies also remind us that the spoken word is a means of expression accessible to a vast majority of the population.

At the end of each episode, “Les Sentiers extra-ordinaires” proposes entertaining cultural mediation activities involving young and old alike in order to prolong this unique experience. This multimedia project enables the public to enjoy this fiction from several different viewpoints: reading for some, listening for others and exploring heritage or cultural participation for still others.
“Les Sentiers extra-ordinaires” forms part of the cultural trails collection developed by the City of Geneva, which has the particularity of presenting “Geneva off the beaten track”. The digital format helps maintain a link between the institutions and their public – both those who are temporarily confined and those who are confined for life.

Starting on 5 May, two episodes of Les Sentiers extra-ordinaires are broadcast every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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