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“Run Smarter City Challenge”

On Saturday 5 June 2021, World Athletics will launch the world’s first edition of its “Run Smarter City Challenge” initiative. This challenge will take the form of a friendly competition between runners from the cities of Geneva and Lausanne. Which city will cover the longest distance via the Runnin’City app during the four weeks that the challenge lasts?

Run Smarter City Challenge

This event is part of the larger World Athletics campaign designed to increase awareness of air pollution around the world and its repercussions on sporting activities. At the end of the four-week challenge, an air quality gauge will be installed for a period of six weeks in a zone often used by runners in Geneva with a view to providing the authorities and the population with an air quality assessment.

Furthermore, by participating in this project, you will also contribute to the planting of a tree for every 100 kilometres covered using the app.

Air quality programme

Since its air quality programme was launched in 2018, World Athletics has worked closely with cities, sporting sites and events around the world to increase awareness of this invisible threat and find solutions designed to protect the 400 million people who go running on a regular basis. To do this, measuring equipment has been installed in numerous cities worldwide, in places where people go running, in order to collect real-time air quality data. This information is essential both for identifying the causes of local atmospheric pollution and for determining the best solutions to remedy this.

This first episode of the challenge will be held simultaneously in Geneva and Lausanne from 5 June to 5 July 2021. Through the “Run Smarter City Challenge”, World Athletics and Runnin’City are keen to encourage communities of runners around the entire world to do a physical activity while helping improve global air quality.

Download the app

To participate in the challenge, simply download the free Runnin’City app, available on iOS and Android, and register on the “Run Smarter City Challenge” page of the World Athletics website.

Running enthusiasts will then be able to run or walk as far as they wish and as often as they wish until the end of the challenge, benefiting from the experience provided by the Runnin’City app.

  • Link to registration for the challenge
  • App to be downloaded to follow courses in Geneva: “Runnin’City – GPS & Audioguide”. These routes are accessible free of charge at all times. Simply register, download the app, listen to the vocal guidance and enjoy the scenery.


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