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‘Let’s Sort It!’ Campaign

The City of Geneva is teaming up with the Canton and the Municipalities of Geneva once again to promote the sorting of kitchen waste.

Campagne déchets organiques

Following the success of the first campaign on organic waste, which saw 50,000 little green dustbins distributed across the City of Geneva, the amount collected in the city has increased dramatically: +43% since 2012 (4,457 tonnes collected in 2020).

Besides, public awareness campaigns are a little like films: all the best ones have a sequel! The City is therefore pleased to be joining hands with the Canton and Municipalities for this next phase, now introducing new compostable bags which are more robust and odour-reducing.

Free provision

Specifically, starting this week, the City will provide nearly 20,000 rolls of compostable bags and 20,000 small green bins, all free of charge, to its residents. The Road Cleaning – Clean City service invites everyone to pick up their organic waste materials at the municipal police stations, the road cleaning department headquarters or the Espace Ville de Genève. All details are available at the dedicated webpage.

From 15 May to 15 June, the City will also have stalls at its fruit and vegetable markets to raise awareness about organic waste sorting and distribute the materials. As a reminder, all city buildings must be equipped with these items (save for a few exceptions), and no fewer than 130 community recycling centres are equipped to receive waste brought in by the residents of the City of Geneva!

300 posters

Nearly 300 campaign posters will be displayed on billboards at ecopoints and across road cleaning lorries. On top of the traditional channels of information, the campaign will also be visible across the web and on social media. For example, Alexandre Kominek will be leading a mini web series broadcast that brings you a little information and a lot of laughs. The campaign's tone is intended to be a direct call to action, as reflected in the ‘Let’s Sort It’ slogan. Its aim is to engage the public’s attention so that this simple act of sorting becomes a habitual part of our daily lives.

With this new phase, the City of Geneva (re)invigorates its residents to sort their organic waste. We hope that, if they haven't already done so, the citizens of Geneva will adopt this sorting reflex to help preserve our resources and ensure a sustainable quality of life for all.


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