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Strategic Revegetation Plan 2030 (PSV 2030)

The Strategic Revegetation Plan 2030 (PSV 2030) presents a long-term vision with a view to combining controlled urban development and increased plant life in the city.

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Strategic Urban Revegetation Plan: operational element

In order to plan the urban revegetation of tomorrow, the Department of Buildings and Planning has developed a more operational element of the Strategic Urban Revegetation Plan entitled “Strategic Revegetation Plan 2030 – objectives and implementation” (PSV 2030). The aim of this element is to define the objectives and actions to be taken within the municipality.

This approach is resolutely in line with the “Geneva 2020” municipal blueprint adopted in 2009. One of the premises of this blueprint is to foster nature and biodiversity in the city and, more particularly, to accompany future development by creating new green areas. Supported by an in-depth diagnostic of the current situation and future needs, the PSV 2030 presents a long-term vision with a view to combining controlled urban development and increased plant life in the city. Particular emphasis is also placed on maintaining existing green areas and fostering biodiversity.

Proposed measures

This strategic plan not only identifies the main political objectives of the City of Geneva but also proposes a series of measures to be implemented over time across the entire municipal territory. Furthermore, it promotes civic initiatives while encouraging companies and associations to participate in the project within a specific framework.

The surface area concerned by the measures proposed in the PSV 2030 covers approximately 56 hectares (the City of Geneva has a total surface area of 1,600 hectares). In such a densely urbanised environment as the City of Geneva, the vast majority of the measures involve different means of bolstering the existing vegetation and making existing green areas accessible to the public.

The PSV 2030 nevertheless also aims to transform 2 hectares of urbanised land into green areas. This seemingly modest objective is no less important as it relates to densely populated districts where the network of green areas is less well-developed outside the major parks (e.g. districts of les Pâquis, Plainpalais, la Jonction and PAV (Praille-Acacias-Vernets).

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