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Summer reorganisation in les Eaux-Vives

Temporary facilities were installed during the summer on several sections of streets in the Eaux-Vives area. With the start of the school year, certain facilities have been maintained, modified or will be reinstated later in a definitive form.

Aménagements Eaux-Vives

These summer developments consisted of pedestrianizing sections of streets and widening the sidewalks. Wooden decking and plant containers have been put in place. The City wanted to be able to offer the population additional relaxation areas in the heart of Eaux-Vives.

Facilities maintained or modified

At rue de Montchoisy, on the section between rue Maunoir and rue des Vollandes, a temporary occupation was tested during the summer on the even side of the street.

Since the end of August, the wooden decking extending the terraces has been moved to the odd numbered side, where it fits into a space that has already been pedestrianized but has so far been undervalued.

The layout of rue du Nant, which consists of a wooden decking along the section between rue Maunoir and rue des Vollandes, has been maintained.

It makes it possible to gain additional pedestrian space and to add vegetation to this street, without changes for the traffic, because only the road width has been reduced.At rue Sillem, traffic has been restored but the filing of an order for the definitive closure of this section of street is in progress.

Reopening to traffic

The facilities having an impact on traffic were dismantled at the end of the school holidays. It involved two sections of rue de Montchoisy, one between rue du 31-Décembre and rue Maunoir, which had been closed to traffic, and the other between rue des Vollandes and rue Maunoir, which had been made one-way.

In this street, the City took advantage of the summer period to test new developments, at the request of neighborhood associations but also within the framework of a municipal council deliberation project (PRD-243), which provides for the study of a green corridor along rue de Montchoisy.

A mobility design office has been commissioned to monitor all the summer facilities. The results will be known during the month of September.


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