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Summer reorganisation in les Eaux-Vives

Throughout the summer, sections of Rue de Montchoisy, Rue du Nant and Rue Sillem will be modified. These sections will become pedestrian-only areas.

Aménagements Eaux-Vives

This summer reorganisation involves making sections of certain streets pedestrian-only areas and widening the pavements. Wooden decking and planter boxes have been installed.

Sections closed to traffic

In Rue de Montchoisy, the section located between Rue du 31-Décembre and Rue Maunoir has been closed to traffic. The section between Rue des Vollandes and Rue Maunoir is one-way (towards Rue Maunoir). In Rue Sillem, the section located between Rue du Clos and Avenue de la Grenade has also been closed to traffic.

In Rue du Nant, the pavement has been widened for the installation of wooden decking. The traffic system has not been altered in this street.

This summer reorganisation has been implemented with the collaboration of the local neighbourhood associations. The City is delighted to be able to offer the population additional places to relax at the heart of les Eaux-Vives.


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