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Support for the “Responsible companies – to protect humans and the environment” popular initiative

On 29 November, Swiss citizens will be asked to vote on the “To protect humans and the environment” initiative. Drawn up by former PLR member of the Council of States and public prosecutor, Dick Marty, together with a vast coalition of 130 organisations committed to the defence of human rights and the protection of the environment, the text is supported by a large number of company managers and in particular, at cantonal level, the three political parties represented on the City of Geneva’s executive committee.

The initiators note that a vast majority of Swiss and Geneva-based multinationals are sensitive to the issue of respect for human rights and the environment. A tiny proportion is unaware of the minimum environmental standards and violates human rights. Generally speaking, this minority has no reason to fear any consequences of their actions as people in poor countries have few means of defending themselves. The initiative promoting responsible multinationals requires that non-compliant companies answer for the damage they cause. With the new law, their infringements will come with consequences.

Sustainable development and solidarity

The City of Geneva is particularly keen to ensure that companies located within its territory share the values of sustainable development and solidarity that it promotes, in particular through its Agenda 21 – Sustainable City Service. Consequently, the Administrative Council supports the “Responsible companies – to protect humans and the environment” popular initiative.


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