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Support totalling one million francs from Geneva’s public authorities in the field of sport

In order to address the legitimate concerns of the city’s sports associations against the backdrop of the current health crisis, Geneva’s public authorities have joined forces to free a sum totalling one million francs to support the sporting sphere.

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In March 2020, Geneva’s public authorities – represented by the Canton of Geneva, the City of Geneva, the Association of Municipalities of Geneva (ACG) and the Cantonal Sports Aid Fund – joined forces to address the growing concerns of the sports associations of the Canton of Geneva in light of the health crisis currently facing us.

With a view to drawing up a report reflecting the reality in the field as closely as possible, a one-stop shop has been established in the form of an IT platform. Each sports club or sports event organiser operating within the canton has therefore been given the possibility of submitting a request for exceptional financial support. Opened at the beginning of March, this one-stop shop was closed on 20 September.

Throughout this period, 102 requests were received and analysed, with 77 coming from associations and 25 from sports event organisers. To address these requests, a special support fund of one million francs has been created. This fund is financed through the allocation of an equal amount of 250,000 francs each from the Canton of Geneva, the City of Geneva, the ACG and the Cantonal Sports Aid Fund.

COVID-19 support fund

The financial support allocated, which will be paid by the end of October 2020 by the COVID-19 support fund, is subsidiary to the financial support of the Confederation (J+S or COVID-19 ordinance), the cantonal RHT measures and any other form of funding or income which would serve to mitigate the effects of the pandemic suffered by the clubs and events organisers.

“Sport as a whole was brought to a standstill overnight across the entire canton,” notes Thierry Apothéloz, State Advisor responsible for the Department of Social Cohesion. “It was important to provide the associations with financial support, and we did this in a concerted manner.”

“Many clubs and sports event organisers are at risk and if we wish to maintain this sports offer in the future, we must take action now as a team,” stresses Marie Barbey-Chappuis, Administrative Councillor of the City of Geneva responsible for the Department of Safety and Sports.

With this special fund, Geneva’s public authorities want to underline the importance of sport with regard to social cohesion and the well-being of the population. They have successfully worked in close collaboration to create this unique scheme, insofar as it is not provided for in any law.

For additional information

  • Canton of Geneva: Mr Henri Della Casa, Deputy Secretary General responsible for Communication, Department of Social Cohesion Tel. 078 674 69 95
  • City of Geneva: Mr Cédric Waelti, Senior Advisor responsible for Communication, Department of Safety and Sports, Tel. 079 596 19 79
  • Cantonal Sports Aid Fund: Mr Frédéric Renevey, President, Tel. 079 242 84 77
  • Association of the Municipalities of Geneva: Mr Xavier Magnin, President, Tel. 076 616 20 30

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