À Table! Mangeons local et durable: in Geneva from 1 to 30 October

Formerly called “Mois du Goût”, “À Table! Mangeons local et durable” is the culinary event of the autumn. This is an opportunity for the people of Geneva to (re)discover their favourite restaurants and the latter’s partners – the producers and craftspeople of the region.

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No fewer than 56 restaurants are pledging themselves to a more responsible approach to the culinary arts, while participating in the sustainable culinary competition. Exceptional prizes to the value of CHF 27,500 will be awarded to the most deserving. This project is part of a programme entitled “The Autumn of Sustainable Food”.

Figures show that food represents between 20 and 30% of our environmental impact and is therefore an important lever for reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. Everyone is affected by climate change, and restaurants are among the key players in promoting and facilitating the transition to local, healthy and planet-friendly food.

With “À Table ! Mangeons local et durable” and its associated sustainable culinary competition, restaurants are encouraged to implement and promote changes in their culinary practices. This event, taking place from 1 to 30 October, is also an opportunity to highlight the region's craftspeople and producers, who are at the heart of the restaurant sector. The population of Geneva is invited to pull up a chair and support the local food ecosystem. 

Awards and a prize-giving ceremony

A competition, whose overall prize money has again been increased, will reward the most committed participants. Thanks to the support of partners such as Genève Terroir, the Republic and Canton of Geneva (Cantonal Department of Sustainable Development) and the industry’s associations represented by the Société des Cafetiers, Restaurateurs et Hôteliers de Genève (SCRHG), the Groupement Professionnel des Restaurateurs et Hôteliers (GPRH) and the Société des Hôteliers de Genève (SHG), not forgetting Bio Suisse, eight prizes are being awarded this year. Four distinctions, awarded by the Fait Maison label, ma-terre (Maison de l'alimentation du territoire de Genève), the Association genevoise pour la promotion du Goût (AGPG) and Swiss Fair Trade, complete the list of prizes to be awarded. The award ceremony will take place on Monday, 14 November at the Palais Anna et Jean-Gabriel Eynard. 

Julia Drotkowski-Noverraz, manager of the La Belotte restaurant, winner of the Encouragement Prize in 2021: “La Belotte’s first participation in the competition was a revelation and the beginning of a new adventure. We have become aware not only of the richness of our terroir, but also of its diversity and quality. The amazing work of all these local farmers and craftspeople, in collaboration with food lovers, makes healthy, conscious and ecological eating possible.”

Mr. Alfonso Gomez, Administrative Councillor of the City of Geneva in charge of the Department of Finance, Environment and Housing, says: “Restaurants are subscribing to local agriculture and redoubling their efforts during the month of October to promote and come up with creative seasonal recipes that are more environmentally friendly. By following the Competition Charter, they are also making an effort in terms of traceability and the diversity of the products they use. My thanks to them in advance, and I look forward to discovering these dishes sublimated by talented, enthusiastic chefs. 

Mr. Antonio Hodgers, Councillor of State in charge of the Department of the Territory, says: “This initiative offers restaurateurs the chance to discover new, innovative culinary practices and learn about vegetarian cuisine while promoting local and seasonal products. The pleasure of eating combines perfectly with healthy food that respects our environment and protects our climate.” 

Autumn programme

The “À Table!” project is part of a programme called the Autumn of Sustainable Food. The people of Geneva are invited to come together to reflect on the content of their plates and their relationship to food. Workshops, two public conferences, the “À Table!” awards evening, the Fair Trade Town: awards evening: discover the entire Autumn programme on the website.

Event partners

The “À Table! Mangeons local et durable” project is coordinated by the Agenda 21 – Sustainable City Department of the City of Geneva, in collaboration with the Cantonal Department of Sustainable Development and Genève Terroir, and in partnership with the Société des Cafetiers, Restaurateurs et Hôteliers de Genève (SCRHG), the Groupement Professionnel des Restaurateurs et Hôteliers (GPRH), the Société des Hôteliers de Genève (SHG), Bio Suisse, the Label Fait Maison, ma-terre (Maison de l’alimentation du territoire de Genève), the Association genevoise pour la promotion du Goût (AGPG), and the Swiss Fair Trade.

“À Table! Mangeons local et durable” is an event designed to meet several of the City of Geneva’s climate strategy objectives. Find all the Climate Strategy measures in the information pack.

All the details can be found on the “À Table! Mangeons local et durable” website.

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