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Three tangible measures to support artists

Fully aware of the urgent situation facing numerous artists and people working in the cultural sector, the City of Geneva presents three tangible measures and a series of avenues for work with the aim of providing an initial response to this situation at the municipal level.

Mesures soutien aux artistes

Initiated by the Mayor of Geneva, Sami Kanaan, they are the result of an initial analysis and a day of reflection organised on 12 November by the Public Unit of the Department of Culture and Digital Transition (DCTN). These measures gave rise to two clear observations. First, while the institutions themselves and staff with a permanent contract have been able to limit the difficulties encountered, this is not the case for those with a more precarious status, and in particular visual artists and independent musicians. Second, the City alone cannot meet all the needs and cannot replace coordinated cantonal and federal action.

These measures complement those taken since the beginning of the crisis (guarantee that the 61 million francs in subsidies will be maintained, organisation of 49 summer concerts with local artists, call for a summer project for artists working in Geneva totalling CHF 300,000). It should also be recalled that two proposals were approved during the Municipal Council session of 25 November: the City’s contribution of CHF 2.3 million to the compensation fund of the Confederation/Canton and a framework credit agreement 2021-2025 for CHF 4 million enabling the Municipal Fund for Contemporary Art (FMAC) to continue purchasing works, in particular those of local artists.

Three actions

The three actions presented today:

  • Coordinated by the FMAC, I love #ArtisteDici asks seventy visual artists to create dazibao-style works directly on billboard sites around the city on 15 and 17 December. In collaboration with the production sites (Kugler, RU, Vélodrome, Picto, Gus and Laboratoire de création), this project supports the artists and provides them with a chance to present their work in public areas. This action is also a rare opportunity to shed light on the wealth, diversity and talent of the local artistic scene.
  • Contemporary music residences in partnership with the AMR, Cave 12, l’Alhambra and l’Usine will offer groups the chance to take part in paid creation residences lasting between 3 and 10 days throughout December and January. In 2021, these will give rise to a concert within the partner institutions, aimed at developing access to culture and promoting local creations.
  • Artistes at the museum: artistic residences in partnership with the City’s museums and heritage libraries, financed by the institutions and held in exhibition areas and/or in connection with the collections. These residences will take place over 4 weeks at the beginning of 2021 in the different museums and libraries.

Furthermore, the Cultural Service is pursuing its reflections with regard to adapting the one-off fund to the singular context of the closure of the sites, the introduction of research grants in 2021, the pricing of the different facilities and their adaptation to digital tools.

An in-depth reflection on the question of the social status of artists will also be launched this month with the aim of developing a coherent strategy at the different institutional levels of our country by spring 2021.

More information in the press release available for download below.


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