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A very rare plant appears in Geneva

Conserving plant heritage is one of the priorities of the Parks and Gardens Service (SEVE). A very rare plant, the Sison amomum, has been discovered in Parc Trembley in November 2020, demonstrating the benefits of the extensive culture implemented by the City of Geneva as part of its differentiated management programme.

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Plante rare - Sison Amomumet

The horticulturists of the Parks and Gardens Service have taken measures to protect a very rare plant in Parc Trembley. It is called Sison amomum and can only be found in Geneva. This small plant might not be hugely spectacular, but it teaches us a great deal.

Its presence demonstrates the utility of extensive culture and differentiated management. In contrast to intensive culture, this system – which is more respectful of the land – gives this type of rare plant the scope to flourish in our parks. One of the additional factors of its appearance is none other than the City’s “zero-phyto” goal. Since 2019, the SEVE has used no phytosanitary (chemical) products for the upkeep of the numerous different green areas around the city.

Finally, thanks to its differentiated management, the SEVE gives more time and space to nature. Weeding is no longer carried out as intensively as before, enabling this attractive population of Sison amomum to seed itself and continue its reproductive cycle. Since it was discovered, the City’s gardeners have protected and monitored this species which is endangered in Switzerland.


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