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“La ville est à vous” is back, with a few new twists

Once again this year, the local residents will rally round in the different neighbourhoods of Geneva to make public areas their own by transforming the streets into festive meeting places. Anyone is at liberty to organise a garage sale or entertainment stand.

Ville est à vous 2023

From spring to autumn 2023, you will thus be able to take advantage of “La ville est à vous” and the accompanying activities, concerts, workshops for young and old, shows and culinary specialities from around the world.

This year, thanks to the “Les couleurs de Plainpalais” residents’ association, a new neighbourhood is joining the party, taking over rue Dancet in order to showcase all its potential. Prepare to rediscover this huge road, emptied of its usual cars and motor vehicles.

Following the resounding success of the use of porcelain tableware during the Baud-Bovy La ville est à vous in 2022, the experience is becoming more widespread. This proposal, which has proved its worth in terms of waste reduction and recycling, will be implemented this year in two new neighbourhoods.

In les Délices, your plates will be filled with diversity! The committee will organise vegetarian and gluten-free food stands.

Dates and venues

From May to September 2023, some 10 neighbourhoods – for the first time spread equally across the two shores – will host La ville est à vous, organising a festive weekend according to the following calendar:

  • Jonction: 13 and 14 May
  • Voie- Creuse: 28 and 29 May
  • Délices: 3 and 4 June
  • Europe: 10 and 11 June
  • Minoteries: 17 and 18 June
  • Baud-Bovy: 26 and 27 August
  • Prévost-Martin: 2 and 3 September
  • Grottes: 9 and 10 September
  • Pâquis: 23 and 24 September
  • Eaux-Vives: 7 and 8 October

La ville est à vous is coordinated by the Youth Service of the City of Geneva, which is eager to create ties between the different residents’ committees and the municipal services.


La ville est à vous

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