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What a beautiful night! Lights out in the Greater Geneva area on Friday 23 September 2022

“La nuit est belle!”, or what a beautiful night, returns on Friday 23 September for a third edition dedicated to energy-saving. The public lighting will remain switched off in numerous municipalities in the Greater Geneva area, including many within the City itself. The private sector is also called on to switch off the lights, in particular in stores, shop windows, signs and office buildings. This festive and educational action aims to increase awareness of the impacts of light pollution and to encourage people to change their practices.

Nuit est belle 2022

During the first edition, held on 26 September 2019, 152 municipalities in the Greater Geneva area actively participated in the event. The second edition, organised on 21 September 2021, was supported by 178 municipalities. This year, 181 municipalities have confirmed their participation and the challenge is to make these same practices a matter of course in the private sector.

Inhabitants, shopkeepers and companies are thus invited to switch their lighting off so that the night is even more beautiful.

The City of Geneva participates

The City of Geneva is participating in this original action for the third time. All public lighting (streets, squares, parks, etc.) and illuminations (public buildings, monuments, fountains, etc.) will remain switched off throughout the night. This will only concern the lights – the electricity supply will, of course, remain switched on!

Specific actions are also planned during “La nuit est belle”. As part of the “change your city” call for projects, a night-time walk will be organised along the Rhone. Different aspects of light pollution will be addressed, with several speakers present. To encourage cyclists to remain visible, fluorescent vests will be distributed from 5.30 p.m. on Pont des Bergues on Friday 23 September (while stocks last!).

Furthermore, “La nuit est belle !” is in line with the City’s climate strategy, to combat light pollution and make energy savings, a hot topic which is the theme of this 3rd edition. It is also in line with the aims of the Light Plan, which gave rise to the recent “éteindre au coeur de la nuit” campaign (lights out at night) in order to limit excess artificial lighting.

The City is conducting other tangible actions to limit light pollution and protect dark areas at the dead of night. Illuminations have been eliminated or adapted to protect the biodiversity in several locations including trees, bridges and facades.

From mid-September 2022, panoramic tables will be installed close to the locations where light installations have been eliminated with a view to enhancing public awareness. These locations are Parc de la Perle du Lac, the Promenade des Lavandières and the Museum.

You too can participate in La nuit est belle!

Switch off or limit lighting visible from the street.
Visit the La nuit est belle website to discover the events organised near you.

Shopkeepers and companies
Switch off all sources of artificial light (windows, screens, neon signs, etc.).

Public space
Pedestrians and cyclists: wear light-coloured clothing and/or reflective strips to ensure you can easily be seen when out and about and carry a torch. Drivers: adapt your behaviour and speed to the visibility conditions.

The evening will provide a perfect opportunity to enjoy the night from a different perspective, close to home, and to participate in this bold challenge taken up across the entire conurbation. All information can be found on the La nuit est belle website.


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