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What to do in Geneva during the very hot weather?

Bathing, water sports or walks in the shade: if you are keen to stay outdoors despite the heatwave, here is a short selection of activities to help you keep cool.

Des enfants se baignent dans la fontaine du Jardin Anglais

With bathing spots, walks in the shade and water sports, you’ll find plenty of ways to cool down. 

Adopt the right habits

While the activities listed here are fun, a heatwave is no less dangerous for the most vulnerable among us. Remember to protect yourself against the heat, take on sufficient liquids and take care of your loved ones and neighbours.


Take advantage of the numerous bathing spots

Anyone who enjoys doing lengths in clear water can take advantage of the five public swimming pools

Children under the age of 7 will doubtless prefer splashing around in one of the numerous paddling pools in the city’s parks;

Take a dip surrounded by nature

Hunt for the shade and cool air

un jogger sous les cèdres du parc Barton

In the shade of tall trees

The City of Geneva and its numerous parks are overflowing with trees, offering you shade and a little cool air. Just choose your specimen from more than 220,000 individual trees that can be found within the city, such as the sequoias in Parc Barton,the cedars in Parc Beaulieuor the thousands of obliging trees in the Geneva Botanical Conservatory and Garden. A little tour in the Bois-de-la-Bâtie will also provide an opportunity to appreciate the cool air offered by this unique urban forest.

bâches devant immeubles

Urban oasis at les Eaux-Vives station

Just outside the station in les Eaux-Vives, Place des Tréteaux-Libres is home to a relaxation and conviviality area where the public can enjoy the summer. This tubular structure provides shade with benches and tables where visitors can relax, enjoy a picnic or take a break. There is also a drinking fountain where you can refresh yourself and take a drink. The square is already open, and you can even enjoy a game of pétanque in a garden atmosphere.

Une installation de Micro-oasis sur la place Saint-Gervais

From park to park with the micro-oases

Thanks to the "From park to park" project, five micro-oases will be installed in the city throughout July and August, offering a chance to cool off as you make your way between your home and a park. Built on a wooden base and equipped with benches, plants and a shelter, these oases also boast a misting system that is triggered whenever the temperature exceeds 27°C. A blessing for anyone looking to cool off and intended first and foremost for senior citizens, these sites are wheelchair-friendly and can be found in different places (further information coming soon). 


jeunes sur un paddle


Do refreshing sports activities

For sports fans, there’s no point in going for a run under the blazing sun! Here are a few suggestions for staying active without breaking too much of a sweat:

  • If windsurfing is not really your thing, why not hire a pedalo to enjoy the waters of Lake Geneva. Those with a slide at the back offer you the chance to slip into the cool waters of the lake;
  • adrenalin seekers can choose to take a trip down the Arve by raft or canoe – a fun and original way to see the city;
  • or why not try your hand at paddle surfing! Often spending more time in the water than paddling, beginners will feel particularly refreshed!

And if the mere idea of doing sport during the hot weather has you sweating, pull up a seat at one of the numerous ice cream parlours or terraces by the lake shore!

Keep hydrated 

In addition to the city’s restaurants and cafés, several public facilities will offer you the chance to take on liquids: 

  • the numerous drinking fountains some of which are also of historical interest. They can be found in the streets and parks, including the Botanical Garden which alone boasts seven drinking fountains;
  • the food trucks scattered around the city;
  • the summer refreshments stands primarily installed in the parks.

Heatwave plan for senior citizens

Every summer, the City of Geneva implements a heatwave plan, primarily intended for people over the age of 75. Senior citizens can register with the Social Service in order to benefit from a monitoring service during the very hot weather. This year, a map of cool (indoor) locations is available to senior citizens. 

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