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Wonderful encounters through games with the Ludomicile

Thanks to the Ludomicile, senior citizens or less mobile people can enjoy the games proposed by their local games library in complete safety. This original service is provided with support from volunteers benefiting from the advice of the games librarians. The service can also be provided at a local hall. 


Do you like board games? Are you a senior citizen or less mobile than you used to be? Do you live in la Servette, Saint-Jean, les Charmilles or le Petit-Saconnex?

No need to visit your local games library: with the Ludomicile, the games come to you. Thanks to the Ludomicile, you can now take the chance to meet other people over a board game in the comfort of your own home. Volunteers trained by the games librarians will come to your home to offer you a wide range of fun activities.

Meet new people

Residents can also visit a hall in their neighbourhood to meet new people and extend their circle of acquaintances.

This new service is provided by the Servette Petit-Saconnex / Saint-Jean local social outreach centre (ASP) in collaboration with the local games libraries.

Volunteers wishing to be part of the Ludomicile service are invited to contact the ASP via the contact details below.

At any age, games stimulate imagination, creativity and learning. A blend of enjoyment, discussion and conviviality on the horizon!

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Tél. + 41 22 418 97 90
Fax + 41 22 418 97 91

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