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Zero sexism in my sport!

Promoting the ability to live together involves combating different forms of discrimination, including sexism, in every domain. In order deconstruct gender stereotypes and prevent sexual harassment in sport, the City of Geneva is conducting an awareness campaign entitled “Zero sexism in my sport!” throughout 2022. 

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Affiche zero sexisme avec une boxeuse

In 2016, the survey entitled “Analysis of factors influencing women’s sports practices in Geneva”, conducted by Yves Raibaud on behalf of the City, revealed that 30% of the women questioned had already been the victims of or witnessed sexists remarks or gestures when doing sport, with this proportion increasing to 53% among students.

These figures, which complement the data collected on the issue of harassment in public areas, reflect the fact that sexism and sexual harassment are also a real problem when doing sport, regardless of whether the activity is supervised or not.  

A poster campaign to counter sexism in sport

In light of this evidence, the Sports Service and Agenda 21 - Sustainable City Service have developed an awareness and prevention campaign designed to reiterate the fact that each and every individual should feel at ease when doing the sports activity of their choice without hindrance, discrimination or harassment, be it in a sports facility or in public areas.

“Equality and sexual violence, including in public areas, are now recognised as matters for public policy and included in most speeches and plans, but there is still some way to go until imagery and behaviour have undergone permanent change, at both individual and collective level,” notes Alfonso Gomez, Executive Councillor responsible for equality issues. “Women should quite simply have the right to do sport in public areas without being harassed, and everyone should ensure that this is the case,” continues the Mayor of Geneva, Marie Barbey-Chappuis, who is responsible for the Department of Security and Sports.  

Entitled "Zero sexism in my sport!", this campaign focusses on a series of 4 visuals, dealing with issues linked to doing sport. From 4 to 24 July, during the course of the European Women’s Football Championship, the campaign will be visible in the city’s streets. It will also be highlighted in sports facilities during summer sports events (Geneva fan zone for the European Women’s Football Championship, urban sports activities at l’Asphalte) and in sports clubs and associations from the start of the 2022 school year. 

Information and awareness actions

In addition to the posters, the “Zero sexism in my sport!” campaign also provides an opportunity to implement a series of information and awareness actions in sports clubs as well as among the users and staff of sports facilities. These actions will be implemented from the start of the 202 school year and in 2023. 

leaflet presenting information concerning the definitions, legal and regulatory bases and the institutional or associative resources linked to the issue of sexism and harassment in sport, such as Swiss Sport Integrity federal scheme or the sexual harassment reporting tool on the Genève en poche app, will also be promoted.  

Several projects or events throughout the summer will also provide an opportunity to highlight the issues of equality and the prevention of sexism in sport. The mobile sexual harassment prevention scheme for festive venues and open air gathering points, coordinated by the We can dance iT association on behalf of the Agenda 21 - Sustainable City Service, will be present in the Geneva fan zone of the European Women’s Football Championship during two evening matches. 

Furthermore, as part of the HERitage Days organised on 10 and 11 September in Geneva on the theme of sports and leisure activities, several visits will place an emphasis on women’s sport. Among the highlights of the programme will be a group running training session open to everyone at the Bout-du-Monde sports centre with the aim of reclaiming the public sphere, held in collaboration with the organisations Sine qua non run and XYZ, the open air screening of the film “Free to run” by Pierre Morath, urban sports events, visits, a women’s football tournament with UGS and a guided visit presenting the local pioneers of mountaineering.

More information on the campaign is available in the “Zero sexism in my sport!” information folder


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