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Legislature programme 2020-2025: Geneva - inclusive, creative, ecological and showing solidarity

This action plan specifies the key issues of the legislature and sets the main goals that the City of Geneva wishes to achieve by 2025. Governing the City of Geneva is a challenge that the city’s leaders intend to take up collectively and resolutely, working to create a city committed to ecological transition while reducing social inequalities and ensuring economic viability.


The 2020-2025 legislature began its mandate against the backdrop of an unprecedented social, economic and health crisis. This programme is a call to individual and collective action. It aims to bring citizens together around a common vision – that of a Geneva that is inclusive, creative and ecological while showing solidarity.

It focuses on the following priorities: human rights, social justice, ecological transition in light of climate change, culture, security, support for the local economy and Geneva as an international hub, as well as the actions implemented by the City with regard to human, financial and digital resources.

Strengthening the capacity for adaptation and innovation of public action

The Executive Council will do everything within its powers to ensure that no one is left by the wayside. It fully intends to take advantage of the lessons learned from this very difficult period in order to strengthen the capacity for adaptation and innovation of public action and improve the reactivity of the institutions.

For the very first time in a major Swiss city, the Executive Council is made up of a majority of women. All its members are proud of this image for Geneva, the cradle of human rights and a fervent advocate of both gender equality and the fight against all forms of discrimination.

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