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1 August celebration 2021

Concerts, events suitable for all ages, performances and the traditional bonfire will be organised in five venues around Geneva to celebrate a Swiss National Day under the banner “Along the water”.

Fête 1er août 2021

The water of the lake, the water of the Rhone, the water of the fountains, water as an ecological issue, the water we are made of – this year, the festivities will go with the flow.

Stéphanie Gautier and Antoine Frammery have dreamed up a programme that will run from dawn to midnight in five venues around the bay.

For some activities, like the "concert de l'aube" (dawn concerts) at Bain de Pâquis or the guided tours at Jardin Anglais - the registration is highly recommanded or required. For the "concert de l'aube" please visit the website; for the guided tours please write an email to

View the full programme! 

Élément de l'accordéon

Les Bains des Pâquis will host a series of concerts and dance shows as part of the festivities organised for the Swiss National Day.

personnes au sommet du plongeoir des bains des Pâquis

6 a.m. - 7 a.m. | Pascal Schaer and Patrick Bielser | Alpen horn

Under the direction of Pascal Schaer and Patrick Bielser, nine Alpen horns are sure to captivate you with a performance of spatialised music combining traditional music, jazz and contemporary music. This event is organised in collaboration with les Bains des Pâquis and les Aubes musicales. Registration on les Aubes website

personnes de face en habits traditionnels

7 a.m. - 8 a.m. | Creature by La Cie Jozsef Trefeli | Neo-folk contemporary dance

Gábor and József have a keen talent for analysing and reinventing traditional dance. In Creature, their starting point is the range of accessories associated with these dances, including sticks, whips, masks and costumes. So be prepared, this show is an early-morning energy boost!

photo en nour et blanc d'une femme jouant d'une sithare

8 a.m. - 9 a.m. | Jo~oj | Hindustani music (sitar)

A morning does of ragga for a gentle start to the day. Long, soothing notes that bring us into harmony with the elements around us – wind, water, clouds and sun. Feel at one with an increasingly vast world, lulled by the music… until you are dropped on the shore in an all-embracing wave for breakfast.

femmes déguisées en sirènes sur des rochers

8 a.m. - 9 a.m. | Les Sirènes et Tritons des Bains | Aquatic interludes

Jo~oj will be accompanied by les Sirènes and les tritons des bains to offer you a magical morning. Fall under the spell of their charm and beauty during these aquatic interludes.

arbre avec comme ombre une feuille

9 a.m. - 10 a.m. | Anne-Charlotte Dupas and Xavier Marquis | Baroque concert

As the wind blows the strings resonate. A melody hovers over the sound of the waves, calling to mind bygone times; a calm, peaceful air leaving time suspended, as if (we were living for) the first day in a post-apocalyptic world.

  • Anne-Charlotte Dupas, baroque cello
  • Xavier Marquis, baroque bassoon, clarinet, duduk
femme habillée en vert sous un arbre rose

10 a.m. - midday | Camille La Croix | Contemporary tale about sausage

Like the backlash of a costly evolution, the Salsius communicates with humans by means of ultrasounds which are imperceptible to the ear and which act directly on the parabrachial nucleus of the human brain to give any person they meet an irresistible urge to scratch it. Camille presents this recently discovered species to us so come closer, she is waiting to meet you and tell you all.

groupe de personnes sur grosse souche

10.30 a.m. - 11.30 a.m. | Du feu de Dieu | Neo-traditional festive Swiss songs

This is the story of four young non-native women who are asked to organise a celebration with a patriotic Swiss feel. At the far end of a farm, they find a few old lights, a large bell and a singer... Further on, the fire is already crackling and the guests gather together around it. The hope that they are going sing and that they will be happy, just like in the good old days as if they are filled with a collective history, legends and folklore.

filles dans un bassin formant une étoile

11.30 a.m. - midday | Limmat-Nixen de Zürich | Synchronised swimming show

Synchronised swimming is a quite amazing, exceptional discipline, the stuff of legend and yet so popular. The City of Geneva is very proud to present this rare moment of pure magic with the very best swimmers in Switzerland in the very best lake at the perfect moment.

entrée des Bains des Pâquis vue de haut

.. and more 

Les Bains des Paquis welcomes you all day long with tournaments, concerts, plays and a late evening Dj. 

Bains des Pâquis

Quai du Mont-Blanc 30
1201 Genève
Tél. +41 22 732 29 74
Site web des Bains des Pâquis

Voir sur le plan

Guided visits, concerts, shows and all the fun of a fair await young and old alike in the Jardin anglais for the National Day in Geneva, organised under banner of “Go with the flow”.

Circuits and trails

soucoupe volante avec inscrit CERES dessus

Midday - 11.30 p.m. | Collectif Ceres | Scenographic installation

Created in 2017, the Ceres collective consists of 5 committed female artists brought together by a shared love of the living world and nature. They combine their different creative media and backgrounds in order to reflect on the sacred link between us and nature. The collective takes action through artistic installations and /or scenography by metamorphosing the urban venues into oases of green. Branches, driftwood, leave, and plants... Ceres draws inspiration from nature to create wild, atypical natural areas through a practice of sensory and meditative experimentations.

photo en sepia avec gardes suisses

1 p.m. - 8 p.m. | La Gaarde | Patriotism security agents on a secret mission

A special detachment of the Swiss Guard has been given a mission of the utmost importance, but can't really remember what it is...

as usual, the agents will be up to the task.

cygnes avec Jet d'eau de Genève au loin

1 p.m. - 7 p.m. | Go with the flow circuit | Guided visits

Organised by Escapade-Genève, this “Go with the flow” guided visit sets off in search of magical, bucolic places by answering the question on everyone’s lips: what causes a lake to become a river?

Departure at 1pm, 3 pm, 5 pm and 7 pm from the fountain (Jardin anglais). 
Approximate duration: 50 min. 
Registrations by email and on site. 

Vieille carte postale avec inscrit Souvenirs de Genève

Imaginary heritage | Guided visits

Marion Duval, Diane Bonnot and Piera Belato will accompany you as you lose yourself in an offbeat and humorous guided visit of the imaginary heritage of the City of Geneva along an improvised and improbable circuit.

Departure at 1pm, 3 pm, 5 pm and 7 pm from the fountain (Jardin anglais). 
Approximate duration: 50 min. 
Registrations by email and on site. 

fontaine du jardin anglais avec grands arbres derrière

Fountains circuit | Guided visits

This circuit will give you the chance to discover the most unusual and talkative fountains, salutatory wells and waterfalls steeped in history, legend and myth as you make your way to the source of our benevolent water.

Departure at 1pm, 3 pm, 5 pm and 7 pm from the fountain (Jardin anglais). 
Approximate duration: 50 min. 
Registrations by email and on site. 

homme avec nez de clown vert et bonnet jaune

4 p.m. - 8 p.m. | Cruise with Fidele Baha | Tale on a boat on the Lake 

A cruise for 2 on the lake in a little boat in the company of Fidèle Baha, a famous storyteller who will tell you some amazing secrets away from eavesdroppers, stories for young and old, a rare moment which you will never forget.

Departure every 30 minutes from the reception point of the Jardin anglais.
Registration on site only. 

maison éclairée dans la nuit

Midday - 11.30 p.m. | La Maizon | Scenographic installation

It appears here or there, depending on its mood.

Sometimes high, sometimes low, it changes both its shape and location.

Always ready to welcome new guests, it will wait for you during a celebration before continuing on its way.

Concerts and shows

groupe qui chante sur une scène au bord de l'eau

2 p.m. - 3 p.m. | Lümé | Gypsy jazz concert inspired by Arabic cultures

“LüMé”, which means “world” in Romanian, is self-evident.

Above all, it is a “song” project with world music inspired by their travels. Come and meet this group consisting of generous, creative musicians, arrangers and travellers… get ready to dream.

fille qui lève les bras

3.30 p.m. - 4.30 p.m. | Ultraviolette | Cosmic pop concert

Ultraviolette is a young French-speaking artist. Between daily battles and long-term struggles, she whisks us off into a spacious poetry where metaphors bring us to life.

Between trap and acoustic, Ultraviolette slips her world into ours.

dessin doloté de personnes dansant et jouant de la musique

5 p.m. - 6 p.m. | Son Jarocho | Traditional Mexican music concert (harp)

Mexico is at our fingertips, on a harp for example.

This original music group will take you on a journey through the deserts, beaches and high plateaux of Mexico, exploring the soundscapes of Central America through rare instruments.


femmes déguisée assise par terre devant un public

6 p.m. - 7 p.m. | Rosie Volt | Clown show

Natür is pür pleasür. She comes down from the mountain singing…A bulldozer of optimism, a whirlwind of energy, a tsunami of emotions, here comes the Tyrolean shepherdess Rosie Volt with her herd of goats. City-dwellers are immediately carried away to Alpine pastures! An acrobat of the glottis, she can reach dizzying heights by singing the mountain air with all her might. Here echoes are a hymn to all of Natür. And in this rural atmosphere, Rosie sees life through rose-tinted glasses: “Natür is pür pleasür!” Quivering with emotion and supercharged with desire, Rosie Volt twirls around her impulses, giving free rein to her natural instinct. She gallops, runs riot, sprawls out… and loses control when “Lüv” hurtles her way!

gros plan sur le bout d'un cor des alpes, avec au fond un homme qui en joue. Dans un champs

7 p.m. - 8 p.m. | Plaintube | Alpen horn concert

This pair of old-timers, survivors of the famous group of blowers, DeQuatuCor, regularly find themselves on a shared musical quest. Fascination, apparent simplicity, the magic of the sound, the continuous discovery of this hand-made wood instrument. The Plaintube ensemble is please to hand on these values to the knowledgeable public of the southern shore.

homme avec un masque tirant au pistolet à eau

8 p.m. - 10 p.m. | Aquaraoke | Karaoke

Mathilde Paillette will have you singing, laughing and crying with romantic songs in a minor key, addressing your emotions to water to create a perfume of sentimental water that we will distribute to anyone thirsty for love.

An original and salutary experience.

femme en fluo avec coupe des années 1080 et homme avec foulard fluo, lunettes et haut moulant

10 p.m. - 11.30 p.m. | V-Randa fatal | Futuristic concert

Cosmic duo and accomplices of risk. AstroPunk TechNoise performance at the crossroads of the randomness and goodwill of the beat. A volatile priestess and her robot drummer from the retro-future will invoke the Grande Vouivre, the key to the mystery. The common trance geoportal will open the vortexes and departures to other dimensions...

Funfair for children

sort d'objet en fer pendu au bout d'une chaîne, avec la lettre F

From 2 p.m. | Clapot, des Ateliers FFF | Water and sound installation

LAPPING [læp] n. Agitation of the water producing a sound; this sound.

A hydraulic, acoustic and interactive machine.

The movement and sound of the water, a poetic work of pressure and run-off.

ancien manège dans un parc, entouré de monde

From 2 p.m. | Théâtre de la Toupine | Wooden merry-go-round

Installed on the shores of Lake Geneva in Haute Savoie since 1977, the theatre troupe la Toupine explores the multiple facets of performing arts through its creations. For the National Day, the troupe will present its latest creation in the egg of a “vintage” cable car on wheels, Snowball. We will also have the pleasure of discovering the “orgarêve” merry-go-round and its joyful clouds then “merry-go-round cow” and its “orgamoo”.

grande roue en bois avec des sièges, dans lesquels sont assises des personnes

From 2 p.m. | La roue Label-Vie | Merry-go-round

La Roue Label-Vie draws its inspiration directly from Nepalese wheels. In this country, they are fun installations that can be found on village squares.

Only the muscle power of the participants makes them move.

Petite fille assise sur un vélo, portant une barbapapa. Devant elle, un garçon en train d'en manger une, et derrièere un adulte en train d'en fabriquer une autre

3 p.m. - 5 p.m. | Gerry Oulveray | Candy floss activity

Young and old pedal to make their own candy floss and yes, it works! In the end, people join in and there are more of them pedalling than eating. And with magic and poetry, a fine web of sugar is woven before their very eyes before being rolled around a stick.

Jardin anglais

Quai du Général-Guisan

Voir sur le plan

A concert and bonfire await the public at the Bateau Genève to celebrate the Swiss National Day, this year organised under the banner of “Go with the flow”.

personnes jouant du cor des Alpes

5 p.m. - 7 p.m. | Clin d’oeil | Traditional folklore

This traditional folklore group with yodelling, Alpen horns and bells will recall the cheerful atmosphere of our mountains and revisit our cultural traditions.


personnes prenant un apéro sur un bateau

7 p.m. - 9 p.m. | Pirate aperitif

A secret neo-traditional aperitif is an idea means of raising a glass for the National Day.




personnes vue de dos qui joue du cors des Alpes

9 p.m. - 10 p.m. | Xtrême suisse (CH) | Neo-folklore

This neo-folklore music group plays only once a year on the National Day.

Caution: risk of accidents and falling rocks. To be enjoyed at dusk! 




femmes qui se tient dans un entrepôt

10 p.m. - midnight | El Pulpita (CH) | DJ

A rare DJ with a large local following who is an essential character in the City of Geneva, both in terms of art and table dancing, Loulou will take us through to the end of the evening with her Swiss music and offbeat ambience. 

Le Bateau Genève

Quai Gustave-ADOR 1
1207 Genève
Tél. +41 22 736 07 75
Fax +41 22 736 07 75
Site web du Bateau Genève

Voir sur le plan

Three concerts await the public on the Ile Rousseau to celebrate the Swiss National Day 2021, under the banner of “Go with the flow”, to the backdrop of music.

personnes en habits traditionnels jouant du cor des Alpes

5 p.m. - 6 p.m. | Les Sonneurs de Savoye | Alpen horn concert

Since spring 2004, a group of friends has got together every week to share their passion for the Alpen horn. Their repertoire consists of traditional music and original pieces composed by Robert Scotton and Philippe Gantelet, who have directed the group since it was created. Come and discover this incredible instrument, a symbol of Switzerland and the National Day.

photo en noir et blanc avec une personne qui joue de la guitare et un du saxophone

6 p.m. - 8 p.m. | Yohan Jacquier Trio | Swing concert

Led by the saxophonist from Savoy, Yohan Jacquier, this new trio was born of a love for 40s/50s swing and its great proponents. Alongside the saxophonist are two other popular musicians from the Geneva scene – the talented guitarist Charles Frechette, originally hailing from Montreal, and the young and ambitious double-bassist from Geneva, Pierre Balda.

groupe dehors, dont un tient un grand instrument à vent

8 p.m. - 10.30 p.m. | Country Cooking | Cape jazz concert & more

Country Cooking formed at the beginning of 2014 with repertoire consisting entirely of Cape jazz, or jazz from Cape Town, a skilful blend of traditional Afro-American, Latin South African music. The brass-band arrangements for these contemporary compositions are by Shama Milan, Aina Rakotobe and Christophe Legrand.

L'île Rousseau

Passerelle du Pont des Bergues

Voir sur le plan

Performances and an official ceremony with a speech by the Mayor of Geneva await the public at the Rotonde du Mont-Blanc on the National Day 2021, under the banner of “Go with the flow”.

homme en habit traditionnel potant un drapeau suisse

7 p.m. - 7.45 p.m. | Orchestre Corsin and colour guard

The Orchestre Corsin and the flag waver Claude Tornare, with his traditional Taerschwingen vase, will introduce the official ceremony of the Swiss National Day with a yodelling song.

Frédérique Perler - Maire de Genève

7:45 p.m. - 8 p.m. | Official part | Speeches of the Authorities, national anthem and reading of the Pact

Ms. Frédérique Perler, Mayor of the City of Geneva, will address the Genevans during an official party in the presence of Alexandre Wisard, biologist and director of the Service for the renaturation of rivers in Geneva. Accompanied by an orchestra, the public will be invited to sing the national anthem.

The speeches, the Federal Pact and the anthem will be translated into sign language.

trois musiciens sur l'herbe

9 p.m. - 9.30 p.m. | Orchestre Corsin

Present at the National Day festivities in the Geneva area for the past 20 years and enjoying a long-standing friendship and numerous shared anecdotes, these musicians are worthy representatives of Swiss traditions.

queue de baleine sur fond nuit


9.30 p.m. - 10 p.m. and 10.30 - 11 p.m. | Cie Louxor | Contemplative show

With The Whale and the Bird, a mechanical fable of water and fire, Louxor Spectacle serves up a few minutes of contemplation when time stands still to see what, in the imagination of everyone is a rare moment of poetry and majesty as it appears and disappears again: the appearance of a whale. With its aquatic installation the Louxor troupe symbolises the immersion, breath and tail slap of a whale.

femmes armée d'un instrument en feu s'apporchant d'un homme sur un canapé

10 p.m. - 10.30 p.m. | Cie Bilbobasso | Dance and fire show

“Amor” or “A mort” (to death)?! As its name suggests, this show is a duel – ambivalent, playful, wild and tenacious. It talks about two beings who love each other... to death. At the centre of a great domestic and fanciful bullfight where coloured sparks, smoke and flames add colour to the banal situation, turning it into a genuine firework display.

Rotonde du Mont-Blanc

Quai du Mont-Blanc 10
1201 Genève

Voir sur le plan

There will be no catering on site. However, the bars, restaurants and summer refreshments stands around the bay will offer anyone attending the events the chance to eat or enjoy a drink close to the different venues.

In order to comply with the current health regulations, audience gauges are limited by event. Access to the shows is possible without a COVID certificate and wearing a mask is not mandatory. The use of hydroalcoholic gel and respect for the safety distance are required upon entering the sites. Any symptomatic person must not attend the events and needs to be tested and, where necessary, comply with the isolation instructions of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). Please respect the instructions displayed on site and follow the instructions given by the reception teams.


Cora Beausoleil

Collaboratrice personnelle de Mme Frédérique Perler, chargée du Département de l’aménagement, des constructions et de la mobilité

Rue de l'Hôtel-de-Ville 4



Eaux-Vives Cité


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