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The administration of the City of Geneva has a staff of 4,000 employees. This section presents its organisational structure, its activities and the job opportunities available.

Administrative structure and organisation

Found in different locations around the city, the municipal administration consists of the Secretariat General and five departments, each comprising several services.

Municipal departments 

Individually, each of the five magistrates on the administrative council directs one of the administration’s sectors of activity on a full-time basis. They are referred to as the President of a department. Only the Secretariat General does not fall under the aegis of a magistrate and is instead placed under the direct authority of the administrative council.

Services and staff of the administration

Employment and careers within the administration

With almost 4,000 employees, the City of Geneva is one of the canton’s largest employers. This section presents the list of vacant posts in the administration, the different types of commitment possible as well as the recruitment and commitment processes.

Municipal regulations

Classified by category, the municipal regulations can be consulted and downloaded in PDF format.

Municipal finances

All documents relating to the management of public funds are made available to the citizens. In this section, you will find all the information concerning the administration’s operating budget and accounts, debt management and the different financial investment plans.

Procurement and public contracts

As a municipal administration, the City of Geneva is subject to the rules governing public procurement. These rules ensure effective competition and equal treatment between bidders, transparent procedures and correct usage of public funds. Find all the information relating to the fields in which public contracts are awarded and the publication of calls for tender on the following page:

Subsidised organisations

The City of Geneva grants subsidies to private organisations with a view to cooperating on the implementation of a range of public policies. This section presents the municipal regulation governing the conditions for granting municipal subsidies (LC 21 195) as well as a guide and useful factsheets intended for subsidised organisations which are required to introduce an internal control system and present their accounts.


Created in 1986, the Archives of the City of Geneva are the repository of the city’s administrative memory, working in collaboration with the different departments of the municipal administration.

The city keeps you in the loop

Through its magazine entitled “Vivre à Genève”, which is published four times every year and its presence on the social networks, the City of Geneva keeps you in the loop and listens to what you have to say.

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