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Having a marriage contracted abroad recognised

If you were married or intend to get married abroad and wish to have the marriage recognised in Switzerland, you must declare the marriage to the Swiss diplomatic representation in the country concerned once the ceremony is complete.

Opening hours: 8h30 to 11h45 and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

A marriage duly contracted abroad is recognised in Switzerland if it complies with the principles of Swiss law.

Who is this procedure intended for?

This procedure is intended for people who have celebrated their marriage abroad.

What to do?

A request for recognition must be submitted to the Swiss diplomatic representation (embassy or consulate) in the country in which the marriage was celebrated together with the documents relating to the marriage.

The Swiss diplomatic representation checks the accuracy of the documents, legalises them and, if necessary, translates them into an official language of the Swiss Confederation (subject to payment of a fee).

The documents are then sent to the cantonal supervisory bureau for the canton of origin, or canton of residence if both parties are of foreign nationality, which takes the decision concerning recognition. In Geneva, this is the Cantonal Civil Registry and Legalisations Department.

How will your application be processed?

The cantonal supervisory bureau takes a decision concerning recognition. If the conditions are met, it orders the transcription in the Infostar register. Based on this decision, the marriage contracted abroad can be entered in the Infostar civil register.


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