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Hiring a room in the City of Geneva

Private individuals, companies and associations can hire or reserve different rooms belonging to the City of Geneva free of charge.

Covid-19: au vu des mesures prises par le Conseil d’Etat, les salles communales sous gestion de la Gérance immobilière municipale sont fermées au public. Plus d'informations - communiqué de presse du 6 novembre 2020

Different types of room are made available by the City for the purposes of organising events.

Community halls

The different characteristics and infrastructures of the community halls in Geneva mean that all types of event can be organised, from gala meals and dances to political debates. These rooms can be hired by private individuals, companies or associations.

Rooms in primary schools

Associations and private individuals have the possibility of reserving different types of room in the City of Geneva’s primary schools:

  • sports halls;
  • music rooms;
  • games rooms;
  • auditoriums;
  • multi-purpose rooms;
  • other types of room.

Rooms in a community centre

The public can reserve a room in a community centre free of charge or for a modest fee in order to organise a non-profit-making event, such as a family gathering or a meeting.

The City’s theatre halls

The City of Geneva has five theatre halls which can be hired by production companies or private individuals for cultural events.

Business premises

The City of Geneva has more than 1,800 business premises (offices, arcades, depots and workshops) which it makes available to private individuals and companies

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