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Hiring a room in a primary school in the City of Geneva as an association

This procedure enables associations to request the provision of a range of different rooms located in primary schools, outside school hours.

Les mises à disposition de locaux à des tiers seront à nouveau possible dès le lundi 14 septembre 2020, sous réserve que les plans de protection propres aux associations nous soient transmis.


Plus d'informations concernant les mesures prises par la Ville de Genève

Who is granted access to rooms in schools?

In addition to private individuals living in the City of Geneva, associations can request access to rooms located in the schools.

  • Where? In all primary schools in the City of Geneva;
  • When? Weekdays outside school hours and weekends (except during the Christmas and summer holidays);
  • Why? For sports and socio-cultural activities and for meetings.

What are the rental rates and conditions and which documents are required?

All the useful information, including the rates and conditions, can be found in the documentation at the bottom of the page.

For requests to be processed, the following documents are required:

  • a copy of the articles of association;
  • a copy of the civil liability insurance and the insurance covering theft, fire and flooding.

How to reserve?

The procedure must be completed online, after having consulted the documentation below and obtained the necessary documents.


Gérance des locaux - Service des écoles et institutions pour l'enfance

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