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Obtaining a pitch in a market

This procedure enables you to request a pitch in a market. Market pitches in the City of Geneva are open to Swiss citizens, foreigners with a C permit and any non-Swiss citizen benefiting from official authorisation to exercise a commercial activity within the canton and who has an official business address in Switzerland.

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Who is this procedure intended for?

This procedure is intended for any natural person requesting a pitch in a public market.

Do I need prior authorisation?

For the craft market, prior agreement is required from the Association des artisans créateurs de la Fusterie before submitting a request to our department.

Which documents are required?

Your application must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • an extract from the central register of convictions dated within the last 3 month;
  • a certificate of residence;
  • for Swiss citizens, a copy of an identity document (passport, identity card);
  • for foreigners, a copy of their work permit;
  • for people not resident in Switzerland, a business address in Switzerland;
  • a copy of the AVS card;
  • a photo of the stand.

For flea-market stall-holders, authorisation to sell second-hand objects must be obtained from the trade and repression of undeclared work police of the State of Geneva.

How will your application be processed?

The permanent legitimation card with microchip must be collected from the reception of the Public Areas Department in exchange for a fee of CHF 15.

There are no pitches available: what can I do?

For the flea market, you can register on the waiting list using the registration form below. The department will contact the people registered on this list whenever a pitch becomes available.

What to do?

You must download the market pitch request form below, print it, complete it and return it to the Public Areas Department.

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