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Organising an event in the City of Geneva

This procedure indicates the steps to be taken to organise an event in the City of Geneva.

Who is this procedure intended for?

This procedure is intended for any natural or legal person wishing to organise cultural, festive, sporting, religious, artistic or associative events in public areas in the City of Geneva, with or without fixed installations.

What information must I provide?

To submit a request, your application must include the following information (non-exhaustive list):

  • contact details of the natural or legal person (surname, first name, address, telephone, e-mail, etc.);
  • date, time, venue;
  • type of event (cultural, festive, sporting, religious, artistic, etc.);
  • structures installed (dimensions and layout plan);
  • estimated number of spectators;
  • target audience;
  • interruptions to road traffic and local public transport (occupation of roads).

Depending on the complexity of the event, one or more technical meetings may be organised with the relevant authorities and several advance notifications must be requested and obtained.

What to do?

Your request must be submitted to the “guichet universel manifestations” on the website of the State of Geneva in accordance with the deadlines required by the different authorities and at least 30 days before the event:

  • 60 days before the event if the event requires a concept:
    - prevention and reduction of risks (more than 1,500 people, under the age of 25, alcohol, music);
    - medical sanitary concept (more than 1,500 people and/or sportspeople);
    - SABRA concept (in the event of music in urban areas and lasting more than 2 days or after midnight);
    - traffic concept (occupation of roads).
  • 90 days before the event if the event requires a concept:
    - safety concept (see the Safety, Employment and Health Department (DSES))


Use of public areas is subject to an encroachment tax for installations. Upon the express request of the organiser and subject to compliance with certain conditions, a reduction in this tax may be granted.

An administrative fee will be charged for handling your request.

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