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Reactivating a request for a place in an early childcare structure

This procedure enables you to reactivate the registration of your pending application with the BIPE for a place in an early childcare structure (nursery, etc.).

Nous vous informons que le BIPE sera fermé du 24 février au 6 mars 2020 inclus. Réouverture aux horaires habituels le lundi 9 mars 2020.

Who is this procedure intended for?

This procedure is intended for parents who have already submitted a request to register their child and who have received confirmation of registration from the Early Childhood Information Office (BIPE).

What to do?

You must provide updated documents every 6 months concerning your professional situation. No document is required to reactivate a request for a kindergarten.

You can reactivate your request online (see “Initiate the procedure online” at the bottom of the page) or complete the procedure by e-mail.

If you do not contact us, the application will be cancelled.

We recommend that you use Firefox as your browser and that you only attach documents no larger than 5 Mb.
Bloc de lancement de la démarche en ligne


Duration: 5 minutes

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