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Registering for the call for projects in the community centres

This page explains the procedures to be undertaken in order to register – either individually or as a group – for the call for projects 2019-2021 in the community centres of the City of Geneva.

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What is a call for projects?

A call for projects is a procedure by which ideas and activities are placed in competition with one another. It is open to the Eleven Community centres of the City of Geneva, which are local facilities available to all inhabitants.

A call for projects is intended for any person, group or association wishing to provide a non-profit activity in a community centre. Such an activity can be cultural, social or recreational, but must be related to the local social policy.

Candidates whose project is accepted benefit from free use of a room for a period of two years in order to organise the activity in exchange for a quid pro quo to the benefit of the district.

Who is this procedure intended for?

Any person, group or association. This procedure is not intended for political or religious groups.

How to register for the call for projects?

The call for projects is issued once every two years. No further registrations will be accepted for the call for projects 2019-2021. 

What are the conditions?

  • The facilities are provided free of charge. A quid pro quo will be required in the form of activities provided to the benefit of the district.

Once the projects have been accepted, the individuals or groups must comply with the conditions and rules defined by the Social Department of the City of Geneva, sign an agreement and respect the following general principles:

  • cooperate with the other occupants of the community centre and participate in any meetings organised;
  • organise their action in accordance with the district’s needs;
  • use and share the premises as they are provided (few or no permanent installations);
  • take account of considerations relating to sustainable development;
  • request a limited financial participation from the beneficiaries of the activity, bearing in mind the free provision of the facilities.

How will your application be processed?

Applications will be examined in spring 2019 and the decisions will be announced during the summer. The activities will begin in September 2019 for a period of 2 years.

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