Requesting disposal of a bulky object

This procedure enables any inhabitant to submit a request, either online or by telephone, to the clean city roads department to dispose of bulky household objects free of charge.

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Who is this procedure for?

This procedure is intended for any inhabitants of the City of Geneva who wish to dispose of bulky household objects. The inhabitants of other municipalities must contact their own town halls to learn what the procedures are with regard to their own place of residence.

EXCEPTIONS: Waste from commercial or industrial activities will not be collected, neither home appliances as well electric and electronic devices.

What conditions must be respected?

  • Only 7 medium-sized objects will be accepted by appointment.
  • Electric, household or electronic items are excluded.
  • Mattresses must be packed for hygiene reasons.
  • Bicycle wheels must be removed and left next to the bicycle.
  • Clay vases/pots must be wrapped (they may contain asbestos)
  • The disposal of the contents of entire cellars or attics is excluded.
  • On collection day, the objects must be left on the pavement before 6.30 a.m.

How to complete this procedure?


By telephone

Call freephone no. 0800 22 42 22. The lines are open from Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 12 p.m.

How to change or cancel an appointment?

To cancel a request, simply do not validate the e-mail received; after 15 minutes your request will automatically be cancelled.

To cancel or change a request which you have already validated, contact the clean city roads department using the freephone number: 0800 22 42 22, ensuring that you have your reservation number handy. If you no longer have the reservation number, our switchboard operators will help you with the procedure.

Bed bugs

If your bulky waste is contaminated (bed bugs or other), please contact us first. We will provide you with protective covers and warning stickers free of charge for your protection as well as that of the surrounding population and of our staff. Do not put more than 30kg of objects per cover.


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