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Reserving a space for a political or trade union stand

Use of public areas within the municipality to set up an information stand is subject to prior municipal authorisation granted by the Department of Public Areas (SEP) and cantonal authorisation granted by the Department of Employment, Health and Safety (DSES).

The City of Geneva has created a specific procedure for political and trade union groups enabling them to reserve spaces online.

How to register in order to implement this procedure?

For any new registration, each applicant must complete the

(PDF) and send it by e-mail to manifestations.sep(at) together with the following documents:

  • the articles of association of the entity signed by the chairman/woman;
  • the surname, first name, e-mail address and private postal address of the chairman/woman;
  • the surname, first name and e-mail address of a maximum of three members (in total) authorised to implement this procedure on behalf of the entity.

Caution: no more than three accounts will be created. It is up to you to designate the three people to whom these accounts will be allocated.

Bloc de lancement de la démarche en ligne

How to complete this procedure: online

Duration of the procedure: 5 minutes. If you have any question, please contact the Events unit of the Department of Public Areas.


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