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Submitting a request for a back-to-school allowance

This procedure indicates the conditions and process to be followed to obtain a back-to-school allowance.

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Warning for anyone applying for the back-to-school allowance: individuals fraudulently claiming to be employees of the City of Geneva are contacting people with a view to filling in the allowance applications. Making contact via social media, they demand that certain sums of money be paid to them in order to complete the application. Never pursue any action with these individuals. If you have already been the victim of this type of practice, please do not hesitate to file a criminal complaint with the cantonal police. Information on 0800 33 88 99.

Who is this procedure intended for?

This procedure is intended for parents who:

  • are domiciled and resident in the City of Geneva;
  • are Swiss or holders of a permit B, C, F or L (valid);
  • do not receive any other regular financial aid from the City of Geneva.

whose children:

  • are domiciled and resident in the City of Geneva;
  • hold a residence permit (valid);
  • attend mandatory school between level 1 (primary) and level 11 (orientation stage);
  • benefit in person from the cantonal health insurance subsidy.

What to do?

For the start of the academic year 2020 - 2021, you have two options for requesting the back-to-school allowance:

1. Submit a request online using the following form:

If the PDF form downloaded does not open correctly, you can consult the advice provided on the help page.

To complete your request online, you will need to:

  • save and complete the form on your computer;
  • scan or photograph the documents required (.jpg, .pdf, .png);
  • open the online procedure by clicking on the button "Start the online procedure"
  • complete the necessary fields;
  • wait for the confirmation e-mail and click on the “confirm the request” link.

A document providing a detailed explanation of the different steps involved in the procedure is available.

2. Return your request by letter using the following form:

To complete your request by letter, you will need to:

  • complete and sign the printed form;
  • prepare photocopies of the required documents;
  • post the form and documents to the address indicated on the form.
Requests for the back-to-school allowance can be submitted until 31 October 2022.

Which documents are required?

  • Confirmation of the subsidy for the current year from the Health Insurance Service (SAM) of the child/children or most recent health insurance bill if the reduction for the child’s/children’s subsidy is mentioned on it;
  • Identity documents for the entire family,
    • for citizens of Geneva: identity card;
    • for Swiss citizens: “permis d’établissement”;
    • for foreigners: valid residence permit.


How much is the back-to-school allowance?

  • CHF 130.-  per year for a child in primary school;
  • CHF 180.-  per year for a child in orientation level.

This aid is paid in the form of an electronic acquisition card to be used in a network of shops in Geneva.

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Online procedure

Don't forget to have the necessary information at hand (see the paragraph above "Which documents are required?")


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