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Take action to protect the climate

There are alternatives to our “traditional” lifestyle which help limit the impact of our daily actions on the environment and on climate change.

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Découvrez les cinq gestes significatifs pour réduire notre impact carbone à travers la voix de Marina Rollman!

Every day, we travel, eat and consume products and use water and other resources. These everyday actions have a major impact on the environment. How can we limit this impact? Here are a few tips. 

Did you know?

  • In 2015, 74% of people living in Switzerland went on holiday in Switzerland or in a neighbouring country;
  • Lowering your heating by one degree reduces energy consumption by 6%;
  • In the canton of Geneva, 60% of people go to work on foot, by bike or by public transport;
  • In Switzerland, about 2 million people consciously adopt a diet with little or no meat
  • Since 2014, 54,000 people have consulted the directory to have their objects repaired.

The 5 citizen choices with the biggest impact on the climate

For more information on each of these choices, you can consult the dedicated page.

Calculating your ecological footprint

Using the WWF ecological footprint calculator, evaluate your personal impact on the environment and obtain customised advice on how to improve it.

Taking action at a local level

The playing an active role page of this dossier presents a host of associations active in Geneva which can provide you with information and that you can join as a member (by making a donation or through tangible actions).

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