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Dossier d'information Climate Change in Geneva

What are the authorities doing in terms of climate change?

The federal, cantonal and municipal authorities implement public policies, programmes, action plans and different measures to combat and adapt to climate change.

Within the City of Geneva, the different departments and services work in the fields of mobility, energy and urban nature while informing the population through numerous actions.

The state of Geneva has published a Cantonal Climate Plan (CCP), which explains the situation concerning CO2 emissions across the territory and presents tangible solutions with a view to reducing them. The CCP is a genuine strategic, transversal and operational tool favouring the coherence of public policies in relation to climate issues.

At federal level, it is essentially the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications which manages the sustainable development policy. With regard to climate issues in particular, the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) has introduced a policy of reducing CO2 emissions and of adapting to climate change.

When addressing climate issues, we cannot simply stop at our own borders. That is why an international framework was established in 1992 to enable countries to agree on the objectives to be achieved in terms of reducing CO2 as well as the respective responsibilities of each individual with regard to these objectives.

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