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Dossier d'information COVID-19: Measures taken by the City of Geneva


The City of Geneva is adapting to the extraordinary health situation facing us at present as well as to the measures taken by the Federal Council and State Council and the recommendations of the Federal Office of Public Health. The aim is to maintain all essential services, to support and inform the population while protecting the health of the administration’s staff.

Protect the population

In accordance with the ordinances of the Federal and the State Councils and the recommandations of the Federal Office of Public Health (OFSP), a number of measures related to infrastructures and public areas have been taken by the City of Geneva. The aim is to protect the heath of the population and to limit the risk of virus spreading. 

Action plans specifically targeting people at higher risk from Covid-19, such as seniors and homeless people, have been quickly implemented in order to protect not only these populations, but the whole community.

Maintain essential services 

As a municipality, the City of Geneva provides essential services to the population in these times of crisis. It plays a central role in caring and supporting the elderly and vulnerable people, in public order, emergency services and waste management. It is therefore adapting its actions in order to maintain these services while protecting the health the administration’s staff and that of public services users.

Support those impacted by the measures taken to combat the coronavirus

In light of the economic repercussions of the measures taken by the Confederation to combat the coronavirus, a number of support mechanisms have been introduced for companies, sport and cultural institutions, actors and organisations subsidised by the City of Geneva

Inform the population

Ressources et lignes téléphoniques pour trouver de l’aide dans différents domaines, recommandations d’hygiène et de comportement, dernières décisions des autorités et situation actuelle en Suisse, mais aussi conseils pratiques pour organiser sa vie quotidienne: vous trouverez dans ce dossier de nombreuses . 

Resources and hotlines to find help in different fields, hygiene and behavior recommendations, latest decisions of the authorities, report of the current situation in Switzerland and practical advice for organizing your daily life: you will find further informations to better live this exceptionnal situation.

#StayHome - #RestezChezVous

As most of the public areas have been closed in Geneva, projects are flourishing on the web! From sport to gardening, through cultural offer, activities for children or for seniors: find our selection of ideas and virtual resources to educate and entertain yourselves and even to get away from your daily routine in your very own home.

The newsletter "Que faire à Genève - What tot do in Geneva" (only available in French), has especially been renamed #RestezChezVous for the occasion. Podcasts, virtual tours, readings and many other activities : it provides weekly ideas to entertain yourselves at home and keep your head cool.

You will find in this information pack:

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