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Dossier d'information COVID-19: Mesures prises par la Ville de Genève

Reports to document the crisis

On the initiative of a photographer and a scientific collaborator, both employed at the MAH, the City of Geneva produces photo reports and interviews to document the work of its own departments and their partners, delivering essential services to the functioning of the community.

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These pictures and stories aim to document the crisis, to promote these professions and to inform the population. They also reveal how, in a wave of solidarity, about one hundred employees joined new teams in a short notice to help them. 

A poster campaign in the streets of Geneva and on social networks have been highlighting the photographic portraits and testimonies drawn from these reports from April 29. This represents an opportunity to say THANK YOU to those who agreed to have their portrait taken and who shared a bit of their daily life in these times of crisis. A big THANK YOU also to all the people who do not appear in these images, but whose commitment and work are just as essential!


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