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Dossier d'information COVID-19: Mesures prises par la Ville de Genève

Social emergency system

During this unprecedented health crisis, the City of Geneva has been forced to rethink its social emergency provisions in their entirety. The aim is to provide vulnerable people - homeless people in particular - with better protection against the coronavirus pandemic.

Social emergency solidarity toll-free number  

Social emergency solidarity hotline: 0800 44 77 00 (monday to friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

From 24 March, the City of Geneva has opened a social emergency solidarity hotline social emergency solidarity hotline tasked with handling the numerous questions from the public concerning information and social guidance resulting from the health crisis. People requiring assistance or guidance with regard to social services, food aid, financial aid or emergency shelter can call 0800 44 77 00, monday to friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Emergency shelter: opening of the Frank-Thomas site

As part of the ORCOC plan (municipal authority for the coordination and management of the municipal services’ means of intervention and assistance in exceptional situations), the Administrative Council has decided to assume responsibility for coordinating and managing all the social emergency mechanisms. The aim of this is to provide homeless people with better protection against the coronavirus pandemic. As an immediate solution, the people housed in the Richemont and Châtelaine Civil Defence shelters have been transferred to the Frank-Thomas Emergency shelter, which has 130 places. The social clubs, sleep-ins and other shelters have also been reorganised to cope with the pandemic. 

Shelter for homeless people in the Caserne des Vernets

The Caserne des Vernets has been made available to the City of Geneva in order to provide 24/7 shelter for homeless people from 31 March. Two buildings have been made available. One of them is equipped to house people infected by Covid-19. At present, some 255 beds have been installed in the Caserne des Vernets. 
Admissions hours: 


Showers available at the Varembé sports centre

The City of Geneva is taking advantage of the current closure of the Varembé sports centre to increase the support it provides to vulnerable people during the current health crisis. From Wednesday 15 April, the showers in the changing rooms of the Varembé football stgadium are accessible to people living in dire poverty. With a capacity of some forty showers every day, this free shower service is a very welcome offer at a time when the nearby Point d’Eau, operated by the Carrefour-Rue association, has been forced to close its doors due to the pandemic.This new free shower service is available Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 4 p.m. It is the result of an unprecedented collaboration between the Social Service and Sports Service, with the support of the Youth Service. 


Partnerships and MSF expertise

The partner associations providing support for homeless people – some of which have been forced to curtail their activities – serve as relay points, providing potential beneficiaries with information. In light of its experience in the field of hygiene care among vulnerable populations, Le Caré plays a key role. The duty staff of the Civil Defence unit is responsible for security. Furthermore, as at other sites (the Frank-Thomas shelter and the Caserne des Vernets), the City can call on the expertise of Médecins Sans Frontières to make the staff and beneficiaries more aware of preventive measures.

Further information

Further information on the website of the free emergency aid system in Geneva (

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