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Dossier d'information COVID-19: Mesures prises par la Ville de Genève

Covid 19: Support measures taken by the City of Geneva

The Administrative Council of the City of Geneva plans to take all possible measures to support people and companies directly affected by the situation. A number of support mechanisms have been introduced for people, companies, cultural and sport organisations subsidised by the City of Geneva. 

Social housing: rents reduced 

The rent applicable to social housing is established according to the income of the occupants. Tenants living in social housing operated by the Municipal Real Estate Management Service who suffer a fall in income due to the current health crisis will have their rents reduced at an earlier date than the contractual deadline, but with no retroactive effect. 

Support to commercial activities

The City of Geneva plans to take all possible measures to support companies directly affected by the situation, and in particular those which are obliged to close in accordance with the decisions taken by the Federal Council to combat the coronavirus. Decisions related to commercial activities in public areas have therefore been taken, such as an exemption from paying the administrative fees, non-collection of public taxes on the use of public areas and non-collection of rents on pavilions and kiosks during the health crisis.

Exceptional financial support to the sports sector

The Cantonal Sport Aid Fund, the Canton of Geneva and the City of Geneva have joined forces to answer the concerns of sports associations and provide an emergency service in the field of sport. An online platform enables Non-profit sports organisations, clubs, associations or sports organisers based in Geneva to submit online requests for exceptional assistance in order to offset any losses suffered.

Support measures to the cultural sector

The City of Geneva has decided to introduce a number of support mechanisms to the cultural institutions, actors and organisations subsidised by the City of Geneva. It has thus maintained the subsidies granted despite the cancellation or postponement of happenings, events or performances. It also strongly encourages beneficiaries to respect their commitments, in particular with regard to casual and independent workers.

Support for associations in the social sphere

In light of the economic repercussions of the measures taken by the Confederation to combat the coronavirus, specific support is provided to associations in the social sphere subsidised by the City of Geneva.

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