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Dossier d'information COVID-19: Mesures prises par la Ville de Genève

COVID-19: support measures in the cultural sector

In light of the economic repercussions of the measures taken by the Confederation to combat the coronavirus, a number of support mechanisms have been introduced for the cultural institutions, actors and organisations subsidised by the City of Geneva.

The latest regulations and interdictions announced by the Federal Council remain in effect until 19 April 2020. This page is updated according to the latest developments to the situation.

The Federal Council has adopted a range of measures designed to mitigate the economic impact of the coronavirus. An ordonnance specifically targeting the cultural sphere was a enacted on 20 March 2020, with the Federal Office of Culture (FOC) providing information concerning the conditions of its implementation on a dedicated page. The Canton has published an information pack indicating the procedure for cultural actors to follow in Geneva.

On 18 March 2020, the Administrative Council of the City of Geneva adopted a series of measures to relieve the economic pressure observed within its jurisdiction, measures which are re-assessed on a regular basis in accordance with the situation.

On 27 March, the Department of Culture and Sport informed the cultural institutions and organisations subsidised by the City of Geneva of its decision to maintain the subsidies granted despite the cancellation or postponement of happenings, events or performances. It also strongly encourages beneficiaries to respect their commitments, in particular with regard to casual and independent workers.

Have you received a subsidy for a cultural project in 2020?

If you have benefited from a subsidy from the City of Geneva, we invite you to familiarise yourself with the procedures to be followed, indicated on the State of Geneva and to begin taking the necessary steps in order to benefit from the support measures.

If your projects are cancelled, postponed or subject to major changes, please contact your reference contact partner (see list below) by e-mail. When submitting their accounts for activities implemented in 2020, artists, institutions, troupes and cultural associations will be asked to provide detailed documentation of any losses linked specifically to COVID-19.

Are you an institution with employees or a person exercising an independent activity?

In accordance with the recommendations of the Federal Office of Culture (FOC) and the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), institutions with employees can make use of the RHT system (reduction in working hours – short-time work). People exercising an independent activity who suffer a loss in earnings can submit an APG request (loss of income allowance) to their relevant OASI compensation fund office.

Are you a natural or legal person based in the City of Geneva?

The federal and cantonal measures are accompanied by measures intended for natural or legal persons based in the City of Geneva. These may relate to you:

  • The Administrative Council of the City of Geneva has announced that it will suspend the collection of rental payments from shops and public entities managed by the municipal real estate management service which are forced to close their doors in April 2020. This measure may be renewed if the time frame established by the federal ordinance is extended.
  • he municipal foundation for the development of employment and the economic fabric in the City of Geneva (Fondetec) can award companies, independent workers and single-person companies interest-free loans.

Reference contact partner in the Cultural Service

The following people can be contacted by e-mail:

  • Visual arts: Michèle Freiburghaus, Cultural Advisor and Head of the Visual Arts Unit
  • Theatre, cinema: Coré Cathoud, Cultural Advisor
  • Classical music: Eve-Anouk Jebejian, Cultural Advisor
  • Modern music, bands and choirs: Dominique Berlie, Cultural Advisor
  • Modern music, bands and choirs: André Waldis, conseiller culturel

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