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Dossier d'information Geneva, digital city


The City of Geneva wants to provide its inhabitants with services which make optimum use of the existing possibilities, thereby developing a strong, modern public service firmly rooted in the 21st century. Its aim is to become a digital city through an inclusive, participatory and creative approach.

Digital transition in the City of Geneva

The terms digitisation and digital transition refer to the major changes brought about by rapid technological progress in the fields of computing and communication. These changes will continue to accelerate in the coming years, in particular through the progress observed with regard to artificial intelligence.

The City of Geneva’s actions in this domain are designed to adapt its services to these new possibilities and take advantage of the progress made in terms of access to public services, civic participation and urban management. This also represents an opportunity to strengthen social cohesion within the districts by supporting the creation of community platforms.

These changes have a major ecological, social and civic impact. The City of Geneva is keen to prepare a response to the environmental challenges posed by these energy-intensive technologies. Its reflections must also focus on the issues of social ties and the digital divide, compounded by the major problems of protecting privacy and the use of personal data by certain Internet giants.

Naturally, the City of Geneva cannot handle all these issues alone, but as an outward-looking city which hosts the European headquarters of the UN, the CERN and a whole host of international organisations, it can certainly contribute to developing a critical alternative.

A tangible digital policy

The policy implemented by the City of Geneva is in line with the framework defined, in particular, by the Confederation in its online administration policy and by the Canton of Geneva with its digital policy for Geneva and its strategy for free access to the public data of the local administration.

This municipal digital policy is based on the broad outline defined in the 2015-2020 parliamentary discourse of the administrative council (supportive, sustainable, responsible and creative city). It intends to implement priorities corresponding to both its local remit and its status as an international city, which means facilitating, promoting, positioning and transforming.

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