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City of Geneva mobile apps

With the development of responsive design websites and mobile apps, the City of Geneva is making its information and services accessible via smartphone – an opportunity for the general public to have Geneva at their fingertips!

In light of the massive use of smartphones to surf the net, the City of Geneva is adapting its mobile communication. All the sites it brings online incorporate “responsive design” and are thus also suitable for smaller screens.

Furthermore, it has developed several mobile apps providing a wide range of information and resources in a practical, fun and geo-tracked format.

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Pocket-size Geneva: for daily guidance  

Pocket-size Geneva provides direct access to the practical information concerning life in Geneva. Intended for residents and visitors, the customisable mobile app provides its users with daily assistance and guides them around Geneva, its sites, its events and its activities.

Available for download via the Play Store and the Apple Store 

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Geneva Waste: to simplify recycling

Intended for the residents of the City of Geneva, the aim of this free app from the Road Services department is to make daily waste management and sorting easier for everyone. When to take your bins out, how and where to sort waste and what to do with bulky waste are just some of the questions this app addresses.

The “Genève en été” calendar

A bilingual mobile app somewhere between a city discovery app and a cultural agenda, Genève en été allows the general public to discover a hundred events organised in 70 locations around the city between June and September.

Available for download via the App Store and the Play Store

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Cultural trails: walks off the beaten track

The Genève Sentiers culturels app provides 7 audio tours focusing on a range of themes: take a walk and discover the city’s monuments and museums in a completely new light. In addition to their collections, admire their architecture, history and the stories behind their famous occupants. A journey through parks and streets, taking in works of art on the way and punctuated by meetings with the famous figures who made the city what it is today.

Available for download via the Play Store and the Apple Store

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