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Genève en poche, the Geneva mobile app

Genève en poche provides direct access to the practical information concerning life in Geneva. Intended for residents and visitors, the mobile app provides its users with daily assistance and guides them around Geneva, its sites, its events and its activities.

Weather, plans of the information points and leisure facilities and access to online procedures are just some of the elements that can be found on the "Genève en poche" mobile app. 

An events diary

A full diary of cultural, sporting and recreational events held in the Canton of Geneva allows users to take full advantage of the numerous activities on offer in Geneva.

Themed plans and geo-tracked circuits

The app also contains themed plans and geo-tracked circuits dotted with points of interest. "Nature" itineraries offer a chance to enjoy a stroll in the countryside among remarkable trees, while "cultural” walks explore the different neighbourhoods through their history and works of art scattered around public areas.

A "street harassment" tab

The “street harassment” tab allows victims of inappropriate sexual or sexist words or actions in public areas to file a report with the municipal police.

Customise the home page of the app

As the home page can be customised, it is possible to create shortcuts to your favourite content. By subscribing to the notifications, every user can be quickly alerted to any important or relevant information in relation to its needs.

Practical information


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