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Dossier d'information Geneva, digital city

Heritage and the digital world

Digitising the City’s heritage allows the public to consult it from the comfort of their own home. On site in the museums, numerous tools have also been developed to accompany and enhance visits.

Digitising heritage

The municipal museums and Geneva library together with its Iconography Centre have spent many years digitising the City’s heritage.

You can now enjoy direct access to the collections via the websites of the different museums or via partner platforms, such as

Tools to accompany museum visits

The museums are also gradually developing all manner of tools to accompany your visits, ranging from audio guides on smartphones to treasure hunt apps to make visits with children more fun and enjoyable.

“Raconte-moi Genève”, the app that tells the story of Geneva in augmented reality

Calling on the “Traverse” open source app, “Raconte-moi Genève” invites the public to use their smartphone to rediscover the place they call home, its history and the anecdotes that make it what it is today. Available free of charge via  Google Play and from the App Store, this app provides an augmented reading of the history and customs of the city calling on films, photos and texts. Like one of Proust’s madeleines, it also awakens memories that individuals might have of certain places, long gone or changed beyond recognition, such as Artamis or le Grand-Passage. Finally, it also contains contemporary content, for example exploring the Neon Parallax project or the Plainpalais skate park filmed using a subjective camera.

With the launch of the app in spring 2019, 70 stickers were positioned all around the city enabling you to scan QR codes and add a geo-tracking dimension to your walk.

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