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Geneva D-Tox day: clean your data

“Digital Cleanup Day” is held every year on the second Friday in March with the aim of making people more aware of the environmental footprint of digital technology, using less storage equipment and space and helping change data transfer habits. 

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Every year, as part of this movement, the City of Geneva offers its employees the chance to participate in “Geneva D-Tox Day, clean your data!”, and also invites the population to take part.

17 March 2023

The second edition of “Geneva D-Tox Day, clean your data!” will be held on Friday 17 March 2023. Aware that some of its staff is working part time or on holiday, and with the aim of involving as many people as possible in this action, the City of Geneva is prolonging the campaign until Friday 24 March 2023.


  • Because digital technology generates 4% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide (i.e. More than the civil aviation sector), a figure that could double by 2025. 
  • Because our unfettered data usage requires three times more energy today than all the solar panels around the globe can produce. For example, one e-mail (approx. 10 g of CO2) has the same carbon footprint as a low-energy light bulb lit for 3 hours.
  • Because thanks to its participation in this action, the City of Geneva is keen to make the population aware of how to make responsible, ethical and environmentally-friendly use of digital technology and to promote and apply these very same values within its administration.

For whom?

The entire staff of the municipal administration is invited to spend time cleaning their data, and the City of Geneva also invites anyone concerned by this matter to take part.


The day is an opportunity to clean unnecessary data stored on the municipal administration’s internal servers, Cloud spaces, messaging services and personal mobile phones. A step-by-step procedure and a digital best practices guide are available at the bottom of the page to help optimise this action.


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