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Dossier d'information Geneva, digital city

Promoting digital culture

The City of Geneva is committed to ensuring a better understanding of digital issues and culture. It intends to provide universal access to the new digital tools in order to bridge the digital divide, regardless of whether this is generational or linked to a socio-cultural or economic capital.

The City is responsible for ensuring that each and every one of us is aware of the need to develop our personal skills in managing our “digital identity” and thus in exercising our citizenship online. 


Le 4è centre: a window onto a “new” world!

Located on the 4th floor of the City Library, le 4è is a forum for experimentation, discussion and reflection on digital issues and practices.


Geneva 1850: an immersive experience that is as educational as it is entertaining

In partnership with Artanim and using 3D data, the Museums of Art and History of Geneva (MAH) offer you an immersive journey through the Geneva of 1850 at the Maison Tavel, until 29 September 2019.

And much more besides

Support for initiatives

The City of Geneva supports numerous initiatives designed to share resources and knowledge:

  • Fablab on l'fait: somewhere between a factory and a laboratory, this centre provides the public with the technical, technological and human resources (machines, tools, software, procedures, know-how, mentors) necessary to design, optimise and repair all kinds of objects with a view to sharing knowledge. 
  • Carvelo2go: this electric cargo bike sharing network enables you to make a journey by bike whenever you feel like it, without necessarily owning one yourself.
  • SportiGeneve: which sport is best suited to my child? Where can I go boxing? To help answer this type of question, SportiGenève organises conferencesworkshops and events, while making its sporting expertise available to any people or clubs interested. Soon to be launched, its digital application provides a single gateway to the all public, associative or private sports available in Geneva.
  • SmartCityHack: for the past two years, the City has supported a hackathon promoting the creation and deployment of an open data dynamic in French-speaking Switzerland. 
  • A nous de jouer!: as a participatory platform fostering mutual aid and promoting projects and youth associations, it provides online tools and resources enabling young people to undertake projects, find inspiration or commit themselves to a cause or association.
  • Wi-Fi network: in its desire to ensure universal access to the Internet, the City of Geneva has developed a network now offering more than 635 free, public Wi-Fi access points across 78 sites.
  • Support for digital arts: the municipality regularly grants cultural subsidies supporting experimental creative processes focusing on the digital world in a range of different artistic disciplines.
  • Swiss imaginary museum – Geneva (MIS): developed in partnership with a number of different associations in the fields of handicap and migration, this platform – blog materialises the imagination of a wide range of audiences. It describes participatory cultural experiences between professionals and museum-goers and opens a window on culture in Geneva. 

Future projects

The City also wants to implement a range of different participatory digital projects such as:

  • Neighbourhood networks: this platform would enable the inhabitants of the same district to meet, chat and create links in order to enjoy neighbourhood life to the full. In doing so, it would foster social cohesion and mutual aid.
  • Cyber-centres in the districts: providing open access to computers in the Geneva information points would facilitate administrative procedures for everyone, even those in the most vulnerable situations. 

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