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Dossier d'information Photography in Geneva


A unique testimony to our era, photography can look back on a long history in Geneva. Calling on this history and contemporary talents, the City of Geneva has decided to adopt several strategic focuses with a view to promoting local collections more visibly and providing greater support to the world of photography in Geneva.

A policy for photography

Promoting photography in Geneva, both through existing heritage collections and by fostering contemporary creation, is now one of the priorities of the cultural policy adopted by the Department of Culture and Sport and advocated by Sami Kanaan.

Accordingly, since May 2016, a number of projects have been introduced to support this goal, in particular:

  • the promotion of photographic collections in Geneva;
  • the creation of a new, annual grant for a photographic project of a documentary nature;
  • the creation of Geneva’s first photographic survey;
  • the organisation of Geneva’s first nocturnal photo event, “No’Photo”;
  • the organisation of, or support for, photographic happenings.


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