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Dossier d'information Photography in Geneva

Photographic collections in Geneva

In Geneva, the photographic riches and numerous collections belong to a number of different public institutions and museums or private art centres. They reflect both Geneva’s long tradition in the field of photography and the dynamic nature of the contemporary activity.

The history of photography as developed in Geneva is fascinating.

Through the key historical figures and the buzzing contemporary professional environment, the City of Geneva enjoys an acknowledged and extremely diversified photographic heritage and know-how.

Public collections

Thanks to Jean-Gabriel Eynard and Fred Boissonnas, the City of Geneva owns an impressive collection of daguerreotypes, for example, and a valuable fund enabling it to retrace the evolution of our city in the 19th and 20th centuries. Through the competences of the municipal institutions, the works in their possession have been studied, conserved and placed in perspective.

The heritage collections of the Geneva Centre for Iconography or the scientific collections of the Museum of Natural History are just some of the numerous collections of images in the hands of Geneva’s public institutions.

Private collections

The private museums and art centres have rich collections which contribute to Geneva’s reputation in the field of Geneva.

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