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Dossier d'information Photography in Geneva

Photographic survey

This section presents both the history of commissioned photographs and the latest developments with the official launch of the new Genevan photographic survey devoted to sporting practices for a period of three years. This approach helps encourage photographic creation while gradually constituting a photographic heritage for the city of Geneva.

History of the photographic survey

Almost as old as photographs themselves, documentary commissions boast a long history described to us by Christian Joschke, a lecturer at the University of Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense and professor in art history at the University of Geneva. 

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New photographic survey in Geneva

In November 2016, the City of Geneva launched a new Genevan photographic survey which was to be devoted to sporting practices for a period of three years, taken from a different standpoint each year.

An annual mandate to a local photographer

The photographic survey of Geneva consists of a mandate awarded every year to a professional photographer working in Geneva and boasting a strong tie to our city. The aim is not only to participate in documenting the territory through the medium of photography, but also to support local professionals in the field of documentary photography.

A committee of experts internal and external to the City of Geneva select the photographer who will be awarded the mandate for the survey, in particular based on the predefined theme and vision of the survey.
The committee of Genevan photographic surveys 2016 - 2017 - 2018 consisted of:

  • Jörg Brockmann, photographer and director of the Espace JB
  • Mayte Garcia-Julliard, assistant curator at the Geneva Museums of Art and History
  • Nicolas Schaetti, Director of the Centre d'iconographie genevoise at Geneva library
  • Caroline Stevan, journalist with the daily newspaper, Le Temps

Promoting the photos

The photos of this survey will be promoted during the coming years, in particular through an exhibition in public space, another key aspect of the new photographic policy, in order to reach out to the inhabitants by offering them the chance to (re)discover their city by attracting their attention as they go about their daily business and by bringing culture back to the public areas.

Survey 2018

The freelance photographer from Geneva, Christian Lutz, was selected by the expert committee to conduct the photographic survey 2018. His remit will run until the end of February 2019 and will focus on sporting practices from the standpoint of “culture and leisure”.

Survey 2017

In 2017, David Wagnières, a press and documentary photographer from Geneva, was selected to conduct the Genevan photographic survey 2017, tackling the same topic but from a territorial angle.

Survey 2016

Elisa Larvego, a young photographer from Geneva, was selected by an expert committee to conduct the Genevan photographic survey 2016, dealing with the theme of sporting practices from a social standpoint.


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