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Dossier d'information Zero sexism in my city

Data collection on sexism and harassment in public areas

There is little local data on the different uses made of public areas according to sex, on gender-related violence in public areas and on the impact of urban planning and atmosphere on this type of violence. It is essential to understand women’s experiences and take account of their expectations and the solutions they would like implemented, while also benefiting from professional expertise in order to undertake effective public action.

In Switzerland and Geneva, very little quantitative or qualitative data exists relating to how women experience public areas or to the sexism and harassment to which they are subjected. Research on the influence of urban planning on gender-related violence is also very scarce.

In order to implement a policy promoting equality and combating violence, it is essential to understand women’s experiences and concerns as well as the solutions they would like to see implemented in order to overcome the problems and obstacles they encounter. Benefiting from the expertise of different professional bodies working on or in public areas is a vital element in introducing far-reaching actions.

Survey of women’s habits in public areas in Geneva

Data collection on the use made of public areas by women is one of the priorities of the “Sexism and harassment in public areas” action plan. 

With this in mind, the City of Geneva and a research team from the University of Geneva, led by Professor Marylène Lieber, are conducting a survey from September 2019 to April 2020 in order to collect qualitative data.

The aim of this research is to take stock of the diverse practices of female inhabitants and users of the city in order to draw up a series of recommendations designed to encourage the presence of women in public areas.

Ten focus groups will be organised with women to identify the use they make of the city, both during the day and at night, the places they frequent, those they avoid, their preferred means of transport and the constraints they Encounter.

Eyes Up app: analysis of data relating to Geneva 

Launched in June 2019 and available throughout French-speaking Switzerland, the EyesUp app provides a means of taking action for targets and witnesses of gender-related and sexual harassment.

Developed by the association EyesUp, a partner of the “Zero sexism in my city” campaign, this reporting tool can be used to report cases of harassment anonymously. In order to support its awareness and prevention actions, the City of Geneva supports the association EyesUp in analysing data relating to Geneva collected via its application.

Gender and advertising in the City of Geneva: state of Play 

Omnipresent around the city, advertising has a major impact on the urban atmosphere. However, the large-scale dissemination of stereotyped, degrading images comparing women’s bodies to consumer goods only serves to consolidate the system of gender-related violence and prevents women from enjoying public areas in total peace of mind. In order to implement effective tools to combat this phenomenon, the City of Geneva supports a research project relating to advertising and gender conducted by the association DécadréE.

This project will establish a status report concerning the current situation with regard to advertising in public areas. It also aims to provide a better understanding of the needs of and issues faced by the professionals and institutions concerned with regard to producing and disseminating advertising, before giving rise to a series of proposals for tangible action.


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