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place avec fontaine, sur laquelle marche une femme de dos et au loin le rhône

Dossier d'information Zero sexism in my city

Name changes for ten streets

The process of naming streets, parks, squares, avenues and roads in the City of Geneva after women continues and 10 street names will change on August 29, 2022. This page lists practical information for people affected by these changes.

In March and April 2022, the Council of State accepted the City's proposal to rename 10 streets and locations on municipal territory, as part of the process of feminizing street names.

This page provides practical information for those affected by these changes.

Automatic changes

At the appropriate time the Department of Information of the State of Geneva will notify:

  • The Cantonal Population Office;
  • The Commercial Register and the Directory of Geneva Companies; 
  • SIG; 
  • The Cantonal Statistics Office; 
  • The Cantonal Transport Office; 
  • The Civil Defence Office; 
  • The Cantonal Office for Civil Protection and Military Affairs; 
  • The Cantonal Tax Administration; 
  • The Department of Education, Training and Youth; 
  • The Fire and Rescue Service; 
  • The emergency telephone service (144);
  • The Post Office;
  • Serafe (radio and television fee).

No action is therefore necessary for residents and businesses with these bodies. 

In addition to the public agencies just mentioned, some service providers will be able to make the change automatically. These include:

  • Swisscom;
  • Coop Mobile;
  • Naxoo;
  • Le Groupe Mutuel;
  • Helsana;
  • Sanitas.

This list is subject to change.

Registering the change of address

People have until August 29, 2022 to register the change of address with their employer, banks, insurers, telephone/internet provider, doctors, etc.


  • International civil servants must inform their international organization of the change of name of their street. The latter will advise the Swiss Mission.
  • Persons holding a driving license or owning a vehicle (car, boat, etc.) must announce the change of name of their street to the Cantonal Transport Office. The process is free (except for people who still have an old blue permit).
  • People with a residence permit (B, C, etc.) can go to the Cantonal Population Office, the process will be free (instead of 25 CHF).
  • For people of French nationality living in Switzerland, the identity card and passport do not in any way constitute proof of address, it is not compulsory or necessary to renew documents in advance.

New street signs will be installed in February 2021, with the words «anciennement» («formerly») plus the current name of the street displayed too. 

Further questions?

If you have any questions, please email @email or call 022 418 22 48. 

  Current name New name
1 Rue du Simplon Rue Cécile-BIÉLER-BUTTICAZ
1884-1966, ingénieure
2 Rue du Cheval-Blanc Rue Marcelle-De-KENZAC
1919-2009, metteuse en scène
3 Rue de l’Université Rue Kitty-PONSE
1897-1982, biologiste
4 Rue de-Grenus
(entre rue du Temple et rue de Coutance)
Rue Claudine-LEVET
Vers 1500-1550, prédicatrice
5 Rue de Hollande Rue Henriette-et-Jeanne-RATH
1773-1856, peintre et mécène ; 1772-1856, mécène
6 Boulevard de la Cluse 
(tronçon entre la Rue Lombard et le bvd helvétique)
Rue Louise-De-FROTTÉ
1617-1692, femme de lettres
7 Rue du Midi Rue Julia-CHAMOREL
1916-2009, écrivaine
8 Esplanade Théodore de Bèze Esplanade THÉODELINDE 
Vers 450-500, reine burgonde
9 Passage de la Radio Passage Marie-Claude-LEBURGUE
1928-1999, journaliste
10 Chemin Galiffe
(et Pont du chemin Galiffe)
Chemin Annie-JIAGGE
1918-1996, magistrate et internationaliste engagée dans la lutte contre le sexisme et le racisme
(Et Passage du Chemin-Annie-JIAGGE)

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