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Parc Trembley

Parc Trembley

Nestling between the Promenade Chandieu and the Jardin de la Paix, Parc Trembley is one of the largest parks on the northern shore of the lake. Its stunning vista over Mont Blanc, its sloping lawns offering sweeping views, its winding path lined by 40 oaks, its magnificent trees and its wide-ranging facilities makes it a firm favourite with the city’s residents.

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History and development

The park owes its name to the naturalist Abraham Trembley who, in 1757, purchased the Moillebeau estate (which in turn took its name from “mouillebotte”, or boot-wetter). At that time, the site was in the middle of the countryside, far from the city locked away within its walls. The Trembley family built the manor house, which now stands outside the park, on the other side of Rue de Moillebeau. They planted new trees including a Lebanese cedar which, one and a half centuries later, has become one of the most beautiful trees in the city. For almost 200 years, the estate remained in the hands of the Trembley family before the City acquired it in 1933. A school was built in 1950, the brainchild of architect Roland Rohn whose pavilion-style buildings fit seamlessly into their surroundings and enhance the sloping land.

Parc Trembley is home to a host of impressive trees with cedar trees, oaks and sequoias vying with each other in terms of stature and beauty. These venerable, hundred-year-old trees are spread around the vast lawns. Groups of Austrian pines and elm trees are also most impressive. As winter turns to spring, the park bursts into colour with thousands of daffodils. Built at the end of the 20th century, a maze offers visitors the chance to lose themselves in a mass of aromatic and medicinal plants.


Children’s play areas, a sports field, a paddling pool and a proxisport facility are all available.
The Réverbères de la mémoire, other works of art and a fountain are also scattered around the park.
Public toilets are available beside the gymnasium.

Dogs are allowed on the paths if kept on a leash. The closest area specially for dogs is the Moillebeau facility, located outside the park on the other side of the street.

Ecological management

The City’s parks and gardens are managed ecologically without any chemical products being used. Biodiversity is encouraged in Parc Trembley, in particular by means of a reproduction site for wood-boring insects (stag beetles and longhorn beetles), a protected area for old oak trees, meadows and nesting boxes.

Parc Trembley

Avenue Giuseppe Motta

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