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Plainpalais skate park

Inaugurated in 2012, the Plainpalais skate park is intended for young people over the age of 10 who are keen on sport and practise skateboarding, roller skating and BMX riding at any level. Covering 3,000 m², it is one of the biggest skate parks in Europe.

Different zones

The Plainpalais skate park boasts different zones for beginner, intermediate and advanced skateboarders:

  • a “bowl”, which is a spherical module similar to a bowl dug deep into the ground;
  • a “ditch”, which is a sort of long narrow channel;
  • a “street”, which is an area similar to a city square with urban fittings designed for skateboarding.

Supervision and loan equipment

Throughout the year, a supervisory team consisting of sports facility caretakers and monitors provides information on how to use the infrastructures and on first aid care where required.

Helmets of all sizes and other protective equipment can be borrowed free of charge from the skate park hut, which also serves as a refreshments stand.

Activities and events

Numerous activities and events are organised throughout the year by the supervisory team in cooperation with partners and shops specialising in this domain. More detailed information is available on the skate park’s official Facebook page.

Skate park charter: observe, be protected and respect others

skate park user’s charter, available for download at the bottom of the page, requires users to comply with the safety rules and conventions ensuring conviviality:

  • wearing a helmet and protective equipment is essential;
  • the equipment used must be suitable (no toy vehicles);
  • access is prohibited to users under the age of 10;
  • users must ensure that the way is clear before starting a run;
  • no drinks may be consumed in the park;
  • any event or competition is subject to prior authorisation;
  • all surfaces in the skate park must remain clear of tags and graffiti
  • users must respect the local residents (no excessive noise and limited noise in the evenings).

Lessons and summer camps


The association GVASK8 provides skateboarding lessons open to childrenteenagers and young adults. Every lesson is made up of groups with no more than 5 participants of a similar age and level.

One-week summer camps are organised at the Plainpalais skate park in July and August, from Mondays to Fridays. Information and registration on the association’s website, which can be accessed via the link at the bottom of the page.   

Roller skating

The association Roller Slalom Genève provides roller skating and ice skating lessons throughout the canton. Information and registrations via the website of the Roller Slalom Genève association.  


From 1 to 5 July and from 19 to 23 August 2019, 9 a.m. to 11.30 a.m., a summer BMX camp supervised by professionals is organised at the Plainpalais skate park. More information and registrations via the flyer available for download at the bottom of the page.

Skatepark de Plainpalais

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