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Information for companies

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This page provides information concerning the services provided by the City of Geneva to companies and entrepreneurs. It is intended for entrepreneurs, companies which have recently set up business in the City of Geneva as well as long-standing companies and independent workers.

Important information concerning the situation of the new coronavirus: the Administrative Council has decided to take every measure possible to support companies forced to close their doors in accordance with the federal ordinance concerning the measures intended to combat the coronavirus. More information on the measures taken by the City of Geneva
Fondetec has also taken measures designed to protect jobs and the economic fabric in the City of Geneva. More detailed information is available on the fondetec website.
The Département du développement économique inform about measures taken to support companies. More detailed information is available on the Geneva State website

Support for companies

Fondetec (the municipal foundation for the development of employment and the economic fabric in the City of Geneva) is the main instrument of economic promotion in the City of Geneva. It provides start-ups and burgeoning companies with solutions relating to accompaniment, loans and premises.

The City also supports the local economy through a range of awards and events. It encourages societal innovation through its G'innove programme and provides companies which train apprentices with financial support by means of its Apprenticeship fund.

Within the framework of its commitment to sustainable development, the municipality supports local businesses in the field of repairs, thanks to its Réparer plutôt que jeter campaign. It promotes local agricultural products and, through its participation in the Semaine du goût, highlights cafés and restaurants committed to cooking with local products. Finally, it supports the development of the social and solidarity-based economy.

Creating a company

Fondetec, which is in particular tasked with promoting new companies creating jobs in the City of Geneva, and Genilem, an organisation supported by the City, accompany you in setting up your company. You can also consult the information provided by the State of Geneva with a view to setting up a company. A certain number of administrative procedures can be completed via the Confederation’s online one-stop shop, EasyGov.

Premises for an activity

The City of Geneva rents out premises intended for commercial activities. If you want to organise one-off events, you can also hire different rooms belonging to the City.

Awarding public contracts

Like any other public administration, the City of Geneva is subject to public procurement law, which establishes the rules for awarding contracts to the private sector. Specific information intended for professionals in the fields of construction and development is also available.

Using public areas

Opening a building site, organising an event, installing a terrace, a market stall, a stand or an advertising sign are all examples of using public areas which requires you to submit a request for authorisation and pay a tax or fee.

Tax obligations

Companies and people engaged in a gainful activity within the municipal territory must pay the municipal business tax as well as the cantonal and federal taxes.

Recycling and disposing of waste from your company

Under certain conditions stipulated in the waste management regulations, available for download at the bottom of the page, companies must organise the removal of their waste at their own expense. The State of Geneva can provide lists of companies which collect, transport and process waste. It also provides information to those companies producing special waste and on sorting and recycling in each sector of economic activity.

Contributing to the professional integration of job-seekers

Your company can become a partner of a programme supported by the Unemployment fund designed to finance social and professional integration projects intended for job-seekers, as well as the Boîte à Boulots – Vers l’intégration et l’autonomie (BAB-VIA), which promotes the socio-professional insertion of young people aged 15 to 25.

Economy of the City of Geneva

Geneva is a global economic platform. To provide an overview of its economic fabric, the City of Geneva has published its  economic portraitwhich will be updated on a regular basis.

Other useful links


You can consult the city map and the interactive maps of the information system of the territory of Geneva (SITG) - Geneva à la carte.

Municipal regulations and cantonal laws

This section presents the regulations of the City of Geneva as well as all the legislation applicable in Geneva.



Service Agenda 21 - Ville durable: Pôle économie et emploi

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